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  1. Hopefully this helps: Steam PC - DLC available in steam pc only. Playstation 4 - DLC available only on Playstation 4 only. Xbox One & Windows 10 PC - DLC available on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. In Short, Steam PC DLC does not transfer over to Windows 10 or Xbox One and vice versa. Hope that helps BD
  2. Hello All, I did the following charts below to hopefully help fellow players locate the historic fish if certain species are at multiple waterways. BD
  3. Congrats Speedy, K, and Phish. Thanks to Hil for running the competition and god bless Phaser's family.
  4. If you corrected it before the competition ends you should be fine. You are not disqualified, just the fish entry weight due to not being able to verify it via steam screenshot. Hope that helps. Thanks for joining in the fun Marvin.
  5. Congrats to Cauca6, Speedy, Merrow, and iorean. Hopefully see you all the next Community Competition. Please tell your friends.
  6. Grats to Nizz, .K., and KrellicOG! If we come to Florida in any future community event, I think the Oscar or Trophy Oscar would be a nice to get. Not sure I have ever caught them. Thanks for putting this together Hilrond. Hope to see everyone in the next community events.
  7. Thanks for putting this together Hilrond. Grats K, CaKKun, and TalonAquila! Hope to see everyone in the next community event.
  8. Grats Speedy, Cauca, & Scrappy on the great fishing and Malkavian on the random draw.
  9. Hello, I have noticed that the White Sturgeon was removed from the Fish Species list for Michigan. Was this removal of the fish intentional and not mentioned in the patch notes, or was it accidentally removed? These type of things are pretty important to include in the patch notes if it was intentional. However the White Sturgeon still appear on the leader board. I have attached images below to help explain. Fishe Species Image: Leaderboard Image: Thanks for reading and have a great day
  10. If you email support@fishingplanet.com they should be able to help you. sorry I cannot help more.
  11. I know you were on PS4, but here is a link that the PC players started about the same issue you mentioned. http://steamcommunity.com/app/380600/discussions/0/1698293703769251979/ Hopefully the 3rd qualifier is better than the 2nd one.
  12. Yeah man, same issue, during the whole qualifier I caught 2 flathead catfish. I should also mention I was on PC. Not sure if PS4 players had the same issue.
  13. Thanks Merrow. Thanks Talon, Yeah, the darn snow was trying real hard in preventing me from fishing in this competition. Thankfully my cell phone provider only went down for a few hours during the first storm. The ping was much higher than what I have with my cable modem, however my speeds are actually faster on my cell phone than my cable. I am addict to the game and was going stir crazy when I could not get on the first few days. Looking forward to Competition #10. For now though I will try my luck in the Spring Cats Tournament coming up this week.
  14. Grats Nizz, Levelwinder, and K. Thanks to Hilrond for running the competition and thank you for fishing planet for the prizes and game!
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