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  1. Just because the game has these things, does not answer the OP. There are other games that do this... catching your own bait. They were merely suggesting adding it to this game. Personally, I find it silly how you can catch shiners but then have to turn around and buy them to use as bait. Or... not being able to cut up your own fish for things called... Cut Bait. So yea, a side game of growing/farming your own bait would be cool.
  2. Do they answer questions about features that were talked about by them in the past and havent been updated by then in almost a year now?
  3. Do the devs read these forums?
  4. My community is curious as to the status of In Game Player Clubs and Player Created Tournaments for members of these clubs. I asked on steam but that kinda spiraled out of control. We are looking to be able to use ingame community tools for membership/tournies and not a simple name change if you know what i mean. Is this still being developed? The last post i saw was back in November where it was stated as still in progress but nothing since.
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