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  1. Hi All, It is a time ago I have started this topic, this week I have tried again to start fishing using Linux (Manjaro) as operating system. It looks the Marker Buoys are displayed now fine in different locations what is really great. I don't have used Proton but running the game Native on my AMD A8-3850 (APU) with integrated graphics adapter and have to say it is running perfect! For who is interested from (GLXINFO) = OpenGL version string: 3.1 Mesa 20.2.2 Good fishing all!
  2. Dear developers, Please see the bug report below: 1 Username: michamvk 2 Platform (PS4, Steam) : Steam (Linux) 3 Date when the issue was encountered: Not a specific date or patch moment the issue encountered 4 Problem description: When adding a marker buoy to the map, the marker is only placed on map but not in the game world, I tried the markers on another device but results are the same. --> Interesting note: In Windows the marker buoys are displayed, but there the game is not playable for me due to random crashes. So it looks the game is Linux Specific. 5 In-game equipment settings (if you experience any technical issues with rods, lures etc) : not applicable Hopefully you can check this out since it is easily to reproduce. Best regards from a fishing planet fan.
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