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  1. Since the congo, I have noticed that there are not many 2-3 second freezes like before, which is a big plus. The patch did improve the graphics, somewhat. Day time is still too intense. Night is perfect but fish have a pale look to them (like dead). 2 issues I have to an almost perfect game is that off the chat, can not get private chats or profiles on Congo or Alaska (may be other lakes). The 2nd is Alaska map (may also be other lakes) can not put in coordinates. Get the Longitude coordinate right and the latituce is wrong (vice a versa). Both coordinate numbers roll at same time. Does not happen in congo. When you get the time, I hope you fix these minor issures. Thanks for a great game.
  2. You are not alone. The text box for choices off of the Chat, lists the players which is normal. But the option to do private chat or get profiles will not work
  3. Musette, I posted on youtube, but is worth repeating again. Your video is one of the best seen in my 4 years of fishing planet. Just so professional. I also like your information on the rigs because I am clueless to that technique. Most my fishing was trolling 15 rods out on lake Erie, USA for Walleye or Lake Ontario for Chinook salmon. If this is your 1st video, I hope it is not your last. Thanks again, Dtale1 on the lake.
  4. I agree weeksy. Graphics is terrible. Especially dust and dawn. Just like you crank up the hew on a camera to vivid blue. Very disturbing. This is probably all lakes so there should be major complaints on all levels. There are also major glitches. Had to reboot because the sky was half bright yellow and other was vivid pink. Looked like the psychodelic colors of the 60-70's. I also agree, don't want to change the PS4 settings or my TV for one game. You wonder when they put this out, if they tested it.
  5. Great Video. Totally different technique then what I am doing. I will have to try going deeper. Do have a question. When was the update. I notice since about Mid October,2021 , it has been harder to catch TR. Filling up net with mostly Young. Noticed a couple other things. In the beginning of Maze, you could be real close. So I was aware that, have to be at least 30 feet. But ever since the Halloween event, there are more rings and a lot more, " Pulled bait too soon". Using a Troy, you are trying to get the jump on the distance so you don't have a long boat ride. And now the alert. Before this, I never got that alert and seldom rings. About the 1st week in Oct, I got 4 trophies in 1 peak time. So to summerize what I have experienced, is more rings even with distance, "pulled bait alerts", and my automatic spots are gone and having to look for new ones. Just wonder if anyone else has had this problem. So thanks again for video
  6. Run into same problem. Casting reels can adjust speeds at any time. Spinning reels, only after lure is in the water. In shallow water, I let it sink, adjust speed and drag, then take deep breath. That way when you start your retrieve have the right settings in the strike zone. There is no reason that casting reels and spinning reels are different. Then again, It could be a computer coding problem.
  7. Dtale

    Turtle spoon

    Yep, I would pay 100 gold for the Golem. I could also use a few more X spinnerbaits #4/0.
  8. Go idea. I miss the Golem and would gladly fish for the monster again. I am also down on x series spinnerbait. I don't like the new comps that you randomly get an x series lure. It is hard to place in top 3 and should chose the lure you need. Just IMO
  9. Same exact thing happened to me. I have always done well in Whiskers but I did not mark a fish in a green boat (not new) for 45 minutes. Then marked a few. I caught 4 common fish and ended up with "0" for a score. Yet 1st place, who was not a team member had 1406. This was just around Aug 5 2021. Another player, told me that he had same results and found fishing from shore was better then the boat. He said, since the new up date, they nerfed boat fishing in the comp. It puzzled me, because in regular fishing I was catching all kinds of fish at the same weather and time period as the comp. Now, other comps I do ok. Even "Fossil" in the same lake, from a boat placed which was beginning of August. So, I am glad that I might have been doing something wrong, but sad that they have this problem.
  10. Not sure that is a bug. The same thing happens on your main motor. Reverse is slower then forward. Also, I agree that wind and current will effect the speed. A suggestion. Drop a crank 30-50 feet back and troll. Works great. Also, try a bottom rod along the bottom or even 1/2 way up. I always have a rod out when looking for fish. It is a lot of fun.
  11. Your rank meter will come back: Example, you are at "level" 50 and "rank" 11. You are 9/10th's away on the "rank" meter from being 12. The new cap level comes in at 55 and bang, now it only shows "level" 50, "rank" 11. All that work to almost getting to level 12 is gone and the "rank" meter is also gone. It is ok. Once you complete "level" 55 on your "Level" meter, the "rank" meter reappears, just where you left off. When you hit level 55, you are showered with coin and credit. A band plays, fireworks in the sky and all the guys that are fishing on the lake, chip in for a cake. Hmmm..... Not really. But you do get some coin, some credit, an award (to post of the fridge), some "at a boys" and a whole list of stuff to buy. Ahh..... now you are broke. You are back to grinding on the "rank" meter and getting money for all the new toys. The leveling up lets you get into lakes, buy equipment, competitions etc. The rank, not so much, except how long you've been fishing and where the time went. Stay safe!
  12. In Alaska, started fishing Partly Cloudy and map showed peak at about 7am and going slowly down hill, like a usual partly cloudy day. About 10 am fishing time, suppose to be at peak fishing and not catching a thing. I check the peak time and I am in a valley like it is on a sunny day (peaks on either end). But, the weather icon still shows partly cloudy. So, am I fishing partly cloudy (by the weather icon) or Sunny (like the peak times show). You can image how this can ruin your fishing plans, especially if you skip times to a fishing valley. Now, if I reboot the game, it corrects itself, I think. Only did it once and it did.
  13. Thanks, that helps. So, get to 55 and then my rank will show I need a few fish to hit the next rank. Cool on that..... Still need work on those rod stands.
  14. I like parts of the new version 3.3 Some things need to work on. The new rod holder setup is terrible. Pick up a rod after a very rapid beep and there is nothing, fish is gone or bait taken. I have lost more bait then I care to count. Give me the rod holder, the way it was before the update. Also on ps4, the "O" button gets you to inventory, but not back to fishing. Have to go to map every time and then you hit the wrong button and you have lost your place. Need the old "O" button for inventory and return back. There are some good points. I like the way they changed the boat control buttons (R1start, L1 anker, Triangle map).
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