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  1. Thanks for your reply. Hope they fix this because it is an amazing location.
  2. PS4, I and others, having trouble with screen glitch. It is fine and then 1/2 to 2/3 screen goes black or has a golden pattern. Really like the California location, but the glitches come out of no where. This is the only location that have this trouble. I spent over 50 days in Michigan and no screen glitches. Just want to report just in case you did not know. If there is a way to fix a setting on my end, let me know. Thanks for fishing planet.
  3. Forget feeder rods and chum. I need dynamite to land this fish
  4. Thanks for your response. I felt like "Old man and the sea".
  5. Thank you for your reply. In summary, Fishing Planet is a great game. I wish that they would try to take into account some of the issues and make them more user friendly. Example; anytime there is an update (Ver 2.0), it is accompanied with instructions/guide/video on a what or how to do. It seems that new updates on places and equipment are introduced and everyone is scrambling for answers of what, where or how. Most everyone could use a "Fishing Planet for Dummies" book. If it wasn't for the youtube videos of individuals posting on this forum, we would all be lost or confused. Many thanks go out to the players that spend time making videos and posting Q&A on this forum. It is greatly appreciated.
  6. I am a level 43 and have caught many big fish. This Clear muskie (saw it) fought for 2 real hours or 6 game hours. I was using the best heavy rod and reel (Thunderspin 40lb drag, Mega chubby). The drag was maxed out and the fish kept taking drag. It would come in then run for 100. Was out 300 and in to 40. There was no stopping this fish. I only gained line when the fish decided to run in 60-80 feet. Nothing you could do. I even ran up and down the beach (pike alley). It finally got off. Frustration is a mild description of what I felt. Now, I could see that if you have a 70 lb fish that it might run a couple of time, and take 20-30 game minutes, but 6 game hours. So, I am wondering, was this fish at all possible to land? Was this a computer glitch or a computer programmers tease. I know Fishing Plantet at times does make the game a grind. Examples of that is the "Snag" and shells between the 2 buoys (ship down there) and having to paddle long distances to pike alley. Also, buying things at the shop, if you hit the x button by mistake, you bought it, instead of having a shopping kart or a warning. Rods in the rod carrier have to be moved then repaired and then put back in the carrier, rather then just repairing them in the carrier. This is the best fishing game made to date, but it could be so much better.
  7. Topic: Mistaken Purchase. Going shopping, have hit the X button by mistake and purchased the wrong item. My friend purchased a Kayak and had to go back to NY to get more credits. Would be nice to have a warning or a "Shopping Kart". Just a thought and never a complaint.
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