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  1. Hello Sue. We have fished together, I believe Michigan or Alberta. I am sorry to hear your rude experience in Fishing Planet. I have had a few of my own experiences, in which some guys just want to pick a fight. Most likely they have a low level. Some times you can go to map, select private, then go to map and select random and get a new group. I would report them and just shut down for 1/2 hour. The chances you will get the same group is less at the more popular lakes. That is what I did with this one group. I can't fight them nor can I have the bear from Alaska, attack them. Anyway, I am in BCI right now, so you can join me around 8-9 pm EST or Friend me as to the time. I need all the help I can get on this big lake. Stay safe, Dtale
  2. Not sure that is a bug. The same thing happens on your main motor. Reverse is slower then forward. Also, I agree that wind and current will effect the speed. A suggestion. Drop a crank 30-50 feet back and troll. Works great. Also, try a bottom rod along the bottom or even 1/2 way up. I always have a rod out when looking for fish. It is a lot of fun.
  3. Your rank meter will come back: Example, you are at "level" 50 and "rank" 11. You are 9/10th's away on the "rank" meter from being 12. The new cap level comes in at 55 and bang, now it only shows "level" 50, "rank" 11. All that work to almost getting to level 12 is gone and the "rank" meter is also gone. It is ok. Once you complete "level" 55 on your "Level" meter, the "rank" meter reappears, just where you left off. When you hit level 55, you are showered with coin and credit. A band plays, fireworks in the sky and all the guys that are fishing on the lake, chip in for a cake. Hmmm..... Not really. But you do get some coin, some credit, an award (to post of the fridge), some "at a boys" and a whole list of stuff to buy. Ahh..... now you are broke. You are back to grinding on the "rank" meter and getting money for all the new toys. The leveling up lets you get into lakes, buy equipment, competitions etc. The rank, not so much, except how long you've been fishing and where the time went. Stay safe!
  4. In Alaska, started fishing Partly Cloudy and map showed peak at about 7am and going slowly down hill, like a usual partly cloudy day. About 10 am fishing time, suppose to be at peak fishing and not catching a thing. I check the peak time and I am in a valley like it is on a sunny day (peaks on either end). But, the weather icon still shows partly cloudy. So, am I fishing partly cloudy (by the weather icon) or Sunny (like the peak times show). You can image how this can ruin your fishing plans, especially if you skip times to a fishing valley. Now, if I reboot the game, it corrects itself, I think. Only did it once and it did.
  5. I agree with what you are saying. If you have nothing in your tool box, you will have trouble with Alaska. This is unlike any lake because of the various techniques you have to learn. I had some help on this lake, and once you get the locations, techiques and times, can be very rewarding. Peak times are limited in many cases. So, I'm in Alaska now, just say Hi and let me know if I can help or you can help me. Stay safe.
  6. Thanks. That was nice that you shared. Plan to try the spinner/shad combo since I lost my favorite Golem. Also, plan to fish out front and your other locations. The pier heads reminds me of the pier heads in Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. I wish they would have put salmon or steelhead up front. In real like, that would be where they would stage in the fall. I always felt that it was a waste of a beautiful setting when there is few fish. Everyone is in the back, fighting the snags and reeds for pike and muskie.
  7. Dtale

    Golem Lure

    Sad day, I lost my best lure... the Golem lure. Like country music when you lost your dog. That was a great lure. Many have wished they had that lure back again. Tried the crank 6 foot and not the same. I even had a steel leader but was bitten off. Any chances of that being sold in the shop or as a DLC. I would pay 200-300 gold for the lure. I would even do the mission over again. Thanks and thanks for a great fishing game.
  8. Thanks, that helps. So, get to 55 and then my rank will show I need a few fish to hit the next rank. Cool on that..... Still need work on those rod stands.
  9. I like parts of the new version 3.3 Some things need to work on. The new rod holder setup is terrible. Pick up a rod after a very rapid beep and there is nothing, fish is gone or bait taken. I have lost more bait then I care to count. Give me the rod holder, the way it was before the update. Also on ps4, the "O" button gets you to inventory, but not back to fishing. Have to go to map every time and then you hit the wrong button and you have lost your place. Need the old "O" button for inventory and return back. There are some good points. I like the way they changed the boat control buttons (R1start, L1 anker, Triangle map).
  10. The new rod holder setup is terrible. Pick up a rod after a very rapid beep and there is nothing or bait gone. I have lost more bait then I care to count. Give me the rod holder, the way it was before the update. Also on ps4, the "O" button gets you to inventory, but not back to fishing. Have to go to map every time and then you hit the wrong button and you have lost your place. Need the old "O" button for inventory and return back. There are some good points. I like the way they changed the boat control buttons.
  11. Same happened to me on my rank. I was a few fish away from moving to the next rank and now I am a 1/20th on the bar with a very slow grind up hill.
  12. Hello, A new bite system happened about the time they added the tails for spinners. Might have been around end November. Yes, if you noticed less Uniques are being caught. Also have to move around, the window is short. On the plus side, you get uniques where there not suppose to be. Also, walleye are at Dusk to dawn in the day. See Bulkan video on Walleye. So everyone is scrambling. Can't sit in one spot the whole day.
  13. To: Dennis From Dtale1, (Dennis) I am using a Mac, OS 10.6 and 10.10, and wanted you to know that the images after the statue are broken clips or png. from 3 computers. Don't know if it is a Mac thing, version thing, or just a thing. I thought you might want to know and not a complaint. The whole experience of fishing planet is amazing and adding the motor boats/sonar has made me want to go back to the lakes I fished using the new toys. My first fish, trolling (using the trolling motor and bottom fishing). Being on Lake Erie, that is all we do. Great job. This is the web site: This is the graphic problem:
  14. The days when the kayak was big news, was not that long ago (8 mo?). Anyways, I found the sonar to be a big plus. I have the best sonar for a rubber boat. The sonar marks size of fish and the water level. Your able to change from float to bottom rod, depending on the fish location. The only minor suggestion, is that it is hard to read the feet and water temp. If they could make the screen or the font bigger, would be helpful. I would like to see the ability to buy your own sonar and put on the kayak. For small lakes, that would be ideal. The other suggestion might be to control the speed of the boat depending on the lake. I am at Alberta and if 5 guys are open throttle, 35+, it would destroy the setting. It reminds me of Caddy Shack and the yacht on the little lake. I can't imagine what New York would be like. The game would change to boat racing and not fishing. In the US, Michigan would be the only lake that would be nice to get to the pier heads or Pike alley using a boat. That rowing to pike alley was a grind, but it was better then no Kayak at all.
  15. Thanks for your reply. Hope they fix this because it is an amazing location.
  16. PS4, I and others, having trouble with screen glitch. It is fine and then 1/2 to 2/3 screen goes black or has a golden pattern. Really like the California location, but the glitches come out of no where. This is the only location that have this trouble. I spent over 50 days in Michigan and no screen glitches. Just want to report just in case you did not know. If there is a way to fix a setting on my end, let me know. Thanks for fishing planet.
  17. Forget feeder rods and chum. I need dynamite to land this fish
  18. Thanks for your response. I felt like "Old man and the sea".
  19. Thank you for your reply. In summary, Fishing Planet is a great game. I wish that they would try to take into account some of the issues and make them more user friendly. Example; anytime there is an update (Ver 2.0), it is accompanied with instructions/guide/video on a what or how to do. It seems that new updates on places and equipment are introduced and everyone is scrambling for answers of what, where or how. Most everyone could use a "Fishing Planet for Dummies" book. If it wasn't for the youtube videos of individuals posting on this forum, we would all be lost or confused. Many thanks go out to the players that spend time making videos and posting Q&A on this forum. It is greatly appreciated.
  20. I am a level 43 and have caught many big fish. This Clear muskie (saw it) fought for 2 real hours or 6 game hours. I was using the best heavy rod and reel (Thunderspin 40lb drag, Mega chubby). The drag was maxed out and the fish kept taking drag. It would come in then run for 100. Was out 300 and in to 40. There was no stopping this fish. I only gained line when the fish decided to run in 60-80 feet. Nothing you could do. I even ran up and down the beach (pike alley). It finally got off. Frustration is a mild description of what I felt. Now, I could see that if you have a 70 lb fish that it might run a couple of time, and take 20-30 game minutes, but 6 game hours. So, I am wondering, was this fish at all possible to land? Was this a computer glitch or a computer programmers tease. I know Fishing Plantet at times does make the game a grind. Examples of that is the "Snag" and shells between the 2 buoys (ship down there) and having to paddle long distances to pike alley. Also, buying things at the shop, if you hit the x button by mistake, you bought it, instead of having a shopping kart or a warning. Rods in the rod carrier have to be moved then repaired and then put back in the carrier, rather then just repairing them in the carrier. This is the best fishing game made to date, but it could be so much better.
  21. Topic: Mistaken Purchase. Going shopping, have hit the X button by mistake and purchased the wrong item. My friend purchased a Kayak and had to go back to NY to get more credits. Would be nice to have a warning or a "Shopping Kart". Just a thought and never a complaint.
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