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  1. well Porn shop you will find a few bottom feeders, plastic bait (though not sure what kind of fish it would catch in the water) there are some big hooks in there as well mainly for hoist bodies I have been told. I bet some creative person could even make a stringer out of handcuffs
  2. Finding FP has been great for me! I moved to Michigan in 06 and still have not found anyone who would take me fishing. Which so sucks with all these great lakes just hanging about. Being disabled and not being able to drive makes hard to get to anyplace. All I want is a place to sit my ass, at least once, be able to say I fished in the great lakes. Growing up in Vermont I spent alot of time on Lake Champlain and it dozens of small creaks, and a couple of decent rivers. FP has helped at least some to bring that back for me. Now what would be interesting is Ice Fishing and not freezing lol.
  3. Got it. Thank you
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