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  1. The game seems too load slow after the christmas update also
  2. Will you guy's add heavier bottom rods please, the heavy chaser 10 2's are nice but feel abit under powered against monster arapaima.
  3. Username: qalordik This guy is obviously cheating.
  4. Any bait caster type rods being added to the game to use with multiplier reels for catching big cats etc?
  5. Heavy Chaser 9 10 and majesty 11 5 with Leviathan 9000 61lb braid 69lb leader, i like it because i can max out the drag good for fighting big fish.
  6. Any update/news on the amazon river? ETA on when it'll be released?
  7. Meto but on PC, Try using a lighter sink that seems to fix it for me.
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