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  1. tell me how it's better,all you catch is regular fish now and every once in a while you get a trophy or uni. but you go to michigan try and catch some good size muskie and tell me how this is better unless you come on to look at the scenery and don't care what fish you catch,if i have an hour to kill and come on here and want to catch a certain fish i could but now basically they nerfed the fish hardly anymore big fish on lakes so i don't know how you can say it's better unless you haven't leveled up and you only have a few hours in game because after the grind and you want to come on to fish
  2. same here put rod down to bring in other rod and i loose all my stuff before i can go back to reel in fish because it takes 15 minutes to get fish in lost sinker hook and bait,also when i buy bait it will only give me 10 and the rest is getting sent home,this never happened either
  3. hi dimsam i was watching the interview with killer whale and warmaster101 and i couldn't really understand what he said,i think he said that he realizes that the player doesn't want to look around for fish he wants to just catch fish so is he gonna change the bite system or say kind of get it back to the way it was,is that correct,and thanks for all the other answers you gave me
  4. again thank you for your time,one more thing for some reason players that haven't played for a long time are showing up that they are in game and all the premiums are lit up on my friends list,one of my friends has passed away and it showed him on blue crab lake.
  5. well the muskie are dead but i found another fish i might be able to level up on,it's just a bummer i liked fishing for muskie and they are definitely nerfed
  6. thank you for getting back to me,will check it out today
  7. how can you say this is better and more fun,when i come on i want to catch fish not sit there and stare at the water,i'm not trying to be an a-hole or anything but i've supported you guys since 2015 and can't believe that anybody thinks this is a better setup.now we have to level up to level 55,i've been on for a few hours and only got like 3500 xp,how can you level up when hardly catching fish or the fish you catch are just regular fish.if a guy comes on for an hour and you catch a fish or 2 then you have to try and find where the fish are again,this is a game you guys are making it from fun
  8. https://fp-collective.com/ found a new ubersheet out there
  9. https://fp-collective.com/ just found this new ubersheet check it out
  10. don't forget to look at the plane you'll be doing alot of that and staring in the water,still can't understand why they changed the bite system.terrible
  11. seriously what happened to uni fish at uni times,is uber sheet dead? can't figure out why you would nerf fish in all lakes and it's like everything i've learned to do in this game has been thrown out the window,this game was great now i come on and am lucky to fill half my net or less,just like when the bottom rods came out,that was great and rod stands,then i have some of the best rods and reels in game and after one of the patches it started,it takes sometimes 20 minutes to bring a fish in,can somebody explain like are you still adjusting the new bite system or is this it,i can't follow what
  12. fish at night use #6 green crank or slimy crank works for me
  13. don't know if top answers went to you so sending again
  14. actually i got 37.94 and 37.71 same time
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