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  1. There is no official news of the Devs but the FP has "Carp Fishing", ie it would be good for the Devs to add the considered the most famous carp lake - Gigantica. Maybe one day they make Gigantica road Lake because it has Pike and many carp species, but this is just my thinking !!
  2. Hi, my name is Fisherman_20 . I’m 24 years old and I’m from Portugal , a beautiful country , know for sea fishing and also river fishing for eel and carp! Yes , I said carp!! We caught a 20 kg carp and it’s normal!! We have beautiful rivers like River Tejo , Guadiana and Douro.We also caught catfish and monster pike (In River Douro).This is a Zander in River Douro:
  3. The ps4 normal or pro? The ps4 pro is always 60 fps but ps4 normal isn’t.
  4. Hello. There is a bug in the missions that is in the controls to switch from current missions and quests completed. Instead of showing R2 and L2 to change, no, the Xbox LT and RT controls appear!
  5. In PS4, when a fish is caught the fish appears almost jumping in our "face" and it blocks the game
  6. Please add koi carp and steelhead.(This is the best fishing sim in the world!)
  7. Hello again. Today's proposal is Fly Fishing in Colorado Nymphs Dry flies Fishes : Brown/raibow/bull trout , small/large mouth bass,bluegill and chinook/king salmon
  8. Please Devs , add bait boat for carp fishing
  9. Are you allowed to make waterways proposals? And if the answer is yes, do Devs attach importance to our proposals?
  10. Hello, I'm new to the FP forums, so please excuse me if I'm doing things the wrong way. I just want to give an idea to the developers. Today, my idea is a channel for fishing carp, pike and other fish - Grand Union Canal in the UK.The existing fish in Grand Union Canal are: Carp,Crucian carp,mirror carp,koi carp(rare),bream,perch,zander,musky,northern-pike,catfish,brown trout. The next images are the channel segments that in my opinion should be made for the game
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