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  1. Here is a video for my problem: Watch the bar on the right side while i threw the bobber. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf1RRW5Taog I hope I can help the developer to fix that.
  2. I am always in a private lobby. I play always solo on normal PS4 not Pro.
  3. Hi, After 2 - 3 days in Michigan the game lags every 10 seconds. I used a rodpod with 3 rods and traveled with a boat to the Island. I played solo on PS4 normal and I am very sure it isnt the Internet. Fps drops are a big problem while u throw. Pls fix the game stability and dont forget to fix this bug in the next Patch. Thanks Edit: Day 4 the rod with bobber has maybe 10 fps all the time and feeder and bottom lag only every 10 seconds. I think the lags increase every day.
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