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  1. Hello Dev, I fish for Alaska Potok Kanioq for 6 hours and I have not caught one more unique fish Chinook Salmon, why? probably nerf or bug?
  2. Lags appear in the moment when I do not fish for 1 rod, as I will put a fishing pole on it, and I put 3 fishing rods on in then every 10 seconds I stop the cage as if something was being loaded every few seconds. I think that the model of the fishing pole support is wrong some one help me? this game using direct x 11? or 12? meyby problem is 12 direct?
  3. Hello,Why is it lagging every 10 seconds on new maps , especially on Artchuga? and alaska can anyone fix it? because you can not normally fish through these lags link to video lags https://streamable.com/qf633my spec computer i7 6800k32GB G.skillGtx 1080TiWin10SSD 970 Pro 1TBSSD 970 Pro 512Gb
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