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  1. Anyone know if these deals are still true? Haven't played since early last year and just getting back into it! Edit: Didnt read most recent messages my bad I know the answer now!
  2. Thank you everyone thought it was a bug as the repair icon never showed for me until I went to home screen!
  3. Completed the mission and received the item. Equipped it to rod and tries to cast it out but it was 'warn out' after one cats and now I can't use it. Is this supposed to be or not as It doesn't seem right to get an item that you can't use.
  4. @sabiScs I didnt know that but it does make sense seeing as they are either baitcoins or through challenges! Thank you for letting me know!
  5. @Carpman99 Ah okay I had a big alli set up which followed the rule of rod to leader in terms of strength and was losing xp on peacock basses so I altered my line and it didnt change so I just thought that I'd ask! Thanks for the advice!
  6. Hey everyone was just wondering what causes you to lose xp from fish is it the line being to strong for the fish or he rod and reel? Thank you in advance, McLeodinho
  7. @alohastone This is a really good write up! When I get into spinning on the game this will be a big help! I do spin fish irl but its seafishing for mackerel!
  8. @sabiScs any tips for the roach challenge I'm 50 away and struggling to catch them!
  9. @Carpman99Thank you! I was kinda confused due to different days having more or less over the max but now it makes sense!
  10. Hey everyone I was just wondering how far you can go over a keepnets max weight? Is it 1/10 of its max weight or similar? Thank you in advance, McLeodinho
  11. This is a massive help thank you very much!
  12. Nice! Haven't managed to catch a unique in mudwater yet but may give it another try!
  13. @fishdom49 Ah okay didnt realise it was a hard challenge! I just thought I'd attempt it whilst doing perch, roach, bream and crappie challenges to stock up on x-series gear! Thanks for the reply and I will check the video out tomorrow when I get on!
  14. Hey everyone, Starting to complete challenges this weekend and have gotten stuck on angling machine! I got to 19/20 and the next catch took me back down to 1/20, Has anyone completed this and if so any tips? Thanks McLeodinho
  15. When picking up my rod it sent me under the map!
  16. I have the Czech x-series spoon but havent used it yet, what do you think it would be best for?
  17. @fishdom49 I remember the 2018 version but havent used it since early last year thank you for giving us the updated version!
  18. @FishyWishy Thanks for the advice! I don't unlock the brutus set up until 34 and I may need to save up for it as I'm going to buy the Fishfort L which will set me back 42770. Depending on how long it takes me to get 34 I reckon I may only have enough for one to begin with but will definitely buy a match set up. I only bought feeder rods as they were new and more familiar to me irl!
  19. @Carpman99 Thank you! Will look into this at lvl 34 and let you know how I get on!
  20. Hey everyone! I have been fishing in Florida racking up some currency and levelling up! I'm saving up to buy the net I'll unlock at 34 (Currently 33) once I've bought this where would be the best place for me to go next? I have all feeder rods set up with the best tackle for each so preferably a bait fishing place if possible! Thanks in advance!
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