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  1. 3 hours ago, sabiScs said:

    Fish master III (250 Fishes) Challenge rewards
    Roach Master - X-series Frog 14g #3/0 ( Availability LvL 3)
    Bream Master - X-series Crankbait 2,5m #6/0 ( Availability LvL 3)

    Predator Carp Master - X-series Crankbait 3,5m #4/0 ( Availability LvL 12)
    Sturgeon Master - X-series Glow&Holo  Casting Spoon 28g #4/0 ( Availability LvL30)

    @sabiScs any tips for the roach challenge I'm 50 away and struggling to catch them!

  2. @FishyWishy Thanks for the advice! I don't unlock the brutus set up until 34 and I may need to save up for it as I'm going to buy the Fishfort L which will set me back 42770. Depending on how long it takes me to get 34 I reckon I may only have enough for one to begin with but will definitely buy a match set up. I only bought feeder rods as they were new and more familiar to me irl! 

  3. Hey everyone! 

    I have been fishing in Florida racking up some currency and levelling up! I'm saving up to buy the net I'll unlock at 34 (Currently 33) once I've bought this where would be the best place for me to go next? I have all feeder rods set up with the best tackle for each so preferably a bait fishing place if possible!

    Thanks in advance!

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