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  1. Haha so far every fish that I could get fined for I have so I just resort to releasing them now!
  2. Thanks for the advice @oempie I reckon I will save them up until I need to spend them!
  3. Hey everyone was just wondering what people spend their baitcoins on other than advanced licences? I have amassed 157 through challenges and getting to level 31 and have been waiting to spend them!
  4. Nice fish! Shame that eels cant be kept tho!
  5. Thank you @FishyWishy and @fishdom49 yeah it would of been two of hem but the second spooled me!
  6. No problem! Yeah that would be nice hopefully crossplay will be introduced!
  7. Thank you! I really appreciate the tips I didnt play for a few months until a month after the euro update so I'm re learning the game!
  8. Ahh okay do you know what level gear I'd need for florida?
  9. Nice fish! where was this caught if you dont mind me asking ive only fished emerald lake and the first two euro maps
  10. Not gonna lie @fishdom49 I've been playing this game since last year and didn't try pressing square before! Plus I was in a rush to get the pic took before 5 am in game so I didnt have to spend baitcoins to fastforward! Will screenshot my next best fish tho!
  11. Thank you @FishyWishy and @fishdom49! I play on ps4 so there isn't an easy way to screenshot and upload but thank you for the advice if I do get this for pc!
  12. A nice unique flounder in the Netherlands!
  13. Nice fishes! Can't wait until I can catch these once I level up!
  14. Edit: Found the issue forgot to change hook size from other trips. My bad.
  15. @fishdom49 thank you for the advice will give it a go!
  16. Hey everyone! I really enjoy fishing in the Czech Republic but struggle when I try and fish in the Netherlands. I was wondering if any had any tips or gear that I should try (im level 27 close to 28) thank you in advance!
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