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  1. New boat categories? Is that on pc? Because I’m on ps4 but don’t see any. I did get my 2 bottom snipers and my chubers were in my inventory. I’d love to see some rod holders for the boats.
  2. Well that trip was quite a bit better. Didn’t kill it, but did manage to catch several decent Gar then hooked up on a nice 26 lb tarpon on my 12 lb setup which was an awesome fight. Gonna keep trying different bits of all the advice and work on consistency now. Thanks again everyone for the help.
  3. Ohh yeah, any preferred times for either fish? More activity during the early hours or night time? Thanks in advance!
  4. Appreciate all the feedback. I’ll try some of these suggestions out later when I can get on. Back to Florida!
  5. Does anyone have any good tips for these 2 specific fish in the Everglades? I can consistently pull in most any other fish there and I can pull in Alligator Gar from Louisiana pretty regularly now. Yet I can’t find or catch the Florida gar. I’ve targeted them on a couple trips and maybe have caught 2 or 3 small ones total. Same with tarpon. I hear they are elusive but I’ve caught just 1 and have also had several trips targeting them. I usually get frustrated and switch to bass and snook to get some money in my net. Im confident I have the all the gear I need and I listen to people suggest the “hot” spots, and I try fishing peak times on fish chart. I must be using wrong tackle/lures at the wrong times/weather. Anyone got more pointers? In the mean time, I’ll keep trying!
  6. I’ve been assuming that’s just the way the game is. I’m also on ps4 and retrieving a consistent stop and go for example can be annoying at times when lag is too frequent. Im ok with it because I seem to do just fine fishing overall, but just imagine this game without that lag... that would be a thing of beauty. I’ve noticed Michigan has had the most lag for me whether in open or private rooms. Some sort of fix would be wonderful. Til then, I’ll just keep trucking and filling my net either way. Fish on!
  7. Thanks. I have since already picked up a JigWinner 8’10” with an Espira ML reel, but I took your advice and picked up a prima reel with 9.9 max drag and 8 lb and made a Florida largemouth trip and it was perfect. I’m experimenting it’s several other setups now too.
  8. I was hoping someone might have some insight on a few rods and reels. I’m new to the site and game but already have been able to level up to 31. Now I have a few nice setups but I’m still looking for a medium heavy/heavy spin setup that can cast real far. I purchased the fp anniversary pack and got the 2 extra heavy spinning setups that can run up to 35 lb. test so Im looking for something a little below those. I’m debating a hornet swarm and Loki setup. Any idea how those perform? Or which models are preferred? By the way, although I want it to be versatile, my whole reason for wanting to play this game was to go striper fishing. So I’d like a rod and reel that makes them a fun fight and not just drag them in too easy. And suggestions? Thanks
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