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  1. I've been buying the premium for a few months and feel like i no longer need it since im just about level 50. My friend did the same thing and realized it was auto renewing for him even tho he didn't want it to so im assuming its going to do the same thing for me. When i check my ps4 subscriptions in account information it only shows that i have the ps plus subscription. Is turning the auto renew off something you can do right from within the fishing planet game?
  2. Just curious, whats the biggest fish you guys have seen caught out of this place? How big do the Wels and bigger carp get here? Im on Ps4 and as of last night it was looking like the biggest fish caught out of this place were around 70 pounds. They have to get bigger than that right? Any info would be nice.
  3. I check my licenses before i start fishing everytime. Not sure why anyone wouldn't js. Also was it night time? I feel like even without the license you can fish during the day but at places that say night time fishing without it is banned you'll get the chance of being fined the second you pull in a fish whether you keep it or not. Im not 100% sure tho. Also i play on Ps4 so not sure what the differences are.
  4. Just looks like someone typing it in to me. Thats why the name is blue unless im missing something.
  5. I dont really care about catching some smaller wels here and there, however i do wish and think they should allow the uniques to get bigger than 118. Im hoping they end up making alot of these fish get bigger. Unique Alligator Gar would be awesome. I actually wish they would just add fish from River Monsters lol.
  6. Awesome thread. I agree 100%. Just started this game about a month ago and its such a relief to get away from all the trash talking and trolling in every other game ive played. Everyone congratulates everyone else for almost every unique fish and no one has a problem trying to give advice. Glad i started playing this game. Hope to see some of you out there!
  7. Can anyone tell me how they figure out proper leader lengths for any certain places when bottom fishing? Ive read a few people say they keep them shorter in ponds/lakes and make them longer in rivers (especially with high flow). I usually just keep them around 50in because im just not sure what to set them at exactly. Ive been fishing in Alaska, Cali and Michigan alot lately if that helps. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.
  8. Yup, i get the same glitch and it only ever happens in Cali. Its goes away instantly once i press the start button and then press it again to get back in game but that just seems to be a temporary fix.
  9. I have a 3 rod holder. Every time i put a rod down on the holder to use another one whatever arrow button i press to put the rod in that specific spot adjusts the reel as it would normally. Im on PS4 so when i press right on the d pad to place a rod in the 2nd spot on my holder the drag on that reel gets turned up for example. Once you are holding L1 to place a rod down or switch rods no adjustments to your reel should be able to happen in my opinion. Not sure if this is a bug but it is annoying and i dont think it should happen. Just my thoughts.
  10. How about peoples favorite lures or bait for catching unique walleye? Ive been on the hunt for a uni walleye for a few days with no luck so far.
  11. Ty for the info. I dont remember staying more than 4 days in a row at any place but i must have. Can you exit a game in the middle of a fishing trip and just keep it going the next day?
  12. Does it have to be a complete 5 day trip or just 5 days of going back to the same place without going to another lake/river? Ive never done more than a 4 day trip anywhere and ive gotten the first version of this challenge for 2 spots already... however over the past 3 days (in real time) ive went only to the lake in michigan and i didnt complete the 1st version of this challenge. Whats the deal with these, am i missing something?
  13. Walleye in New York when you can get there is one of the best fish to go for for xp and money imo.
  14. k ty, i thought it was around 12 mins per game hour but pretty close. Just trying to figure out how many days of fishing i can squeeze in after work today lol.
  15. Anyone know how long say an hour in game is in real time?
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