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  1. I didn't realise you could buy it from the shop before it expires. I'll try that. When you click on the license link from the map menu, the buy button isn't there until it expires, which is a bit misleading. I think you should be able to renew the license from there too. Thanks for the tip though, I'll do that from now on.
  2. Unlike RL though, FP does not let you extend your license until your existing one has expired. I like the game overall, but license fines feel like a money grab. I got one once because I was away from my PC with the game open when the warning appeared. Come back, catch a fish, release it because it's not until then that I realised that my license had expired, get fined and lose 20k anyway. I'd like to see: - The ability to renew your license before the existing one has expired - The licence expired warning stays on the screen instead of disappearing Otherwise, paying fines just leaves a bad taste in your mouth as it's not something that would happen in reality.
  3. Yesterday I got an 8kg unique Florida Gar at night time using a popper (yellow/red) at the middle jetty.
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