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  1. Your backpack is full, so when you buy stuff at a lake, it’s “shipped” to your home Once you leave the lake where you bought the items and go home, the items will be in your home storage. ...
  2. I’m at the same level, 31. When you guys say it’s free to skip nights, you mean “time forward” correct? You still have to pay the next game day’s/night stay and empty your net? The 22/154 net is restrictive. But I went up 6 levels in 7 game days, and would add $12k each game day catching redband and rainbow trout fishing in Oregon. Whisker, your current 8 lb equipment would be perfect for Oregon. Plus it’s only $900 to advance each day.
  3. Maybe the easiest way to address this, is the “license warning” needs to be clicked “ok” before you can continue anything... similar to how you have to click ok to quit the game... just a thought
  4. You can not fish without a license, the minute you cast your rod, you run the risk of being fined... just like in RL. As far as the warning I always get a 5 minute real time warning my license will expire.
  5. All, Since the update, I don’t have a chat box. I’ve read on steam that other users are experiencing the same thing. I have looked at every option in the menus to see if I had turned it off, but can’t find any such option. The Tilde button (~) will still toggle the HUD on and off, but no chat box. Also tab will freeze the game like you were going to txt in the chat box. Please help. spankster23 PC/Steam
  6. I can attest to this, I’m on a PC though. The drag is changed to maximum on the rod in the holder. When you get a strike and switch rods, when you pick up the rod in the holder, the drag is changed to maximum. If you don’t realize (remember) immediately and reel in or strike, your line snaps. Happen to me twice today on emerald.
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