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  1. Go to the Woods of the Eastern Bank on a sunny day between 5am and 7am to catch your Uni White Bass:
  2. Thank you for the link in your signature: https://forum.fishingplanet.com/index.php?/topic/18080-fishing-planet-ru-wiki/
  3. This Fishing Planet Russian Wiki looks like it is being actively maintained: Fishing Planet RU Wiki I use this Firefox add-on to translate it to English: Cheers, fishdom49
  4. @alohastone You are quite a salesman! Now, I might have to go out and spend some money. Nicely done... again!
  5. Free and works as designed! Download FRAPS
  6. This utility is free and portable. Just download, unzip, and run. I have been using it for years! I find it especially useful when I am watching a metric FP video and I need to convert contents to U.S. measurements: Convert for Windows
  7. X-Series Tackle List Last updated 2017 but still may have some merit.
  8. Thanks! See here: Fast forward to 13:43 of this video for spot and uni catch
  9. Well, it sure doesn't seem fair if that is the way it works but I'm not sure the points allocation/deduction algorithm is that simple. Unfortunately I don't know exactly how it works but I can tell you a very notable player once told me to finish in the top 50% of the entrants or I will have some points deducted. And that seems to have held true for the 43 contests I have entered thus far. So, using 30th place as an example, if I finish 30th out of 45 players, I would be looking at a point deduction but if I finished 30th out of a 100 players, I might actually get a few points added. Good luck in the comps! fishdom49
  10. Hi McLeodinho, That is certainly one of the tougher challenges because you have to land the very first fish that nibbles on your bait. If it bites and leaves, the counter resets. Anyway, here are 3 videos of people who have beaten the challenge and one of them is our club member @sabiScs. Maybe he will chime in with some tips for you: Beat Angling Machine 3 Challenge Fishing Planet Good luck mate! fishdom49
  11. It is really nice of you and your club to sponsor events for all to enjoy! Thank you! fishdom49
  12. An updated enhanced version (German) but understandable in English: X-Series Rewards (30-day challenges) All credit to our club member @alohastone
  13. Not updated for 2019 but still worth looking over: 2018 Unique Technique Reference Guide All credit to @Cederic
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