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  1. Does "The Game of Thrones" cast actually fish here too?
  2. Nice one and thanks for joining too!
  3. Please lock this topic now! Our club members have the right to construct a Poll without and criticism or diversionary tactics from those who are totally against keeping the Amateur Comps. Besides, this poll gives a much greater insight as to why individual are for or against keeping the Amateur Comps! FW
  4. Just for the record, the poll wording could have been better. Instead of: Yes, please get rid of them No, a few of us members like them Maybe try: Yes, please get rid of them No, they should remain "as is" No, they should remain but require a scheduling adjustment Now , I voted "no" because I feel they are needed for the business as identified by ladyblucky; however, I have no personal need for them as a level 50 player. FW
  5. Sandy Cape - Sunny day between 5am and 7am.
  6. Since there is actual underwater activity, and it does looks somewhat realistic, Fishing Planet would be better served to offer an underwater camera like some of the other fishing games.
  7. Just an absolutely detailed and awesome response! Great job! Fishywishy
  8. A decent sized Muskie!
  9. However, the basic casting distance is determined by the inherent capabilities of the rod, reel, line (as described by Carpman99), and the type of bobber, sinker, and/or even the bait can make a difference. It all boils down to really trial and error but I have found the following to be mostly true: The longer the rod, the further it can cast Reels are essentially trial and error but I do know the EspiraSlim 2500 Reel will cast further than most in its class An X-series pear float will add 30 - 40 ft to your cast (if I remember correctly) and even the standard pear floats will cast further than the standard bobber. And finally, the bait. I have found that a shiner on a hook will cast much further than with a fly on it. Bottom line is you got to try them for yourself! Good luck, fishywishy
  10. Good alternative recommendation; however, I find the black text, along with the other bundled information to be a bit too small for my liking. However, if your eyes are good, that's a great alternative!
  11. A small Uni but still a Uni. IMHO, cloudy days are the best days for catching Uni Northern Pike in Michigan.
  12. A small fish but still a UNI.... Dang, I wish I would have imaged my 39 lb Uni Northern Pike!
  13. Caught this Uni Smallmouth Bass while I was fishing for Uni Northern Pike in Michigan. Lucky eh?
  14. This triple Michigan uni catch was made possible by having 4 bottom rods in the water at the same time the unis spawned. Apparently they spawn multiple unis at the same time. Maybe 4 next time?
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