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  1. With a a free game the expectation is you will buy at least 1 DLC to support the game. Free or not the company has to make $ to add new stuff,which FP has done. Just buy 1DLC with a good combo of net and equipment and no issues. My only issues are about glitches ,mostly in competitions, that don't seem to affect most but make over 75% of all competitions i try have major glitches. If they fix these glitches and change competition schedule like they said they were I will call this my favorite game again.
  2. Whenever you meet friendly people you can add them as a friend in game. Then you can have options to just be in room with no idiots. Create friend only room. Just don't let idiots ruin your fun.
  3. Same problems I was having. What I did with bottom and feeder sets was only watch your actual line, do not pull until line visibly moves.(only use alarms to know when to watch your line at rod tip) In some cases fishing close to land or cover can cause fish strikes without your line moving but you can learn to get those, they have a constant bell or alarm. This does not solve problems but avoids them and hopefully catches more fish, good luck.
  4. Sorry, should have asked what platform you play,I only know PS4 as Kdog stated. In future just list what system you play to get the correct answer, people are very helpful in this game.
  5. Highlight the player name in party and at the right side are options 1 is to mute player.
  6. Thank you Sully and FP for doing these events. Sorry I disappeared but my PS4 completely died and my laptop in same week . Sad I missed last event and finals. Probably will buy a PS4 eventually. Take care to all those I fished with. Lee
  7. 1 month is definitely not enough time even if you played 8 hours a day. When I first started I did not realise how much info there is about fish and weather . Find the competitions you want to do and practice that fish as much as possible during the exact time and conditions that competition is held in.(you can also watch youtube videos on each comp) But comp fishing is not usually the same as practice fishing so do not be discouraged , it takes time, I felt same and I still do not do consistent after 500 comps lol.
  8. I play on ps4 and |I had to initialise my ps4 and then re download the fishing planet game. But now when I try to log in to game I get error code CE-41839-5 every time , can you tell me how to fix or what that code means to solve my problem please. I have played for close to a year and bought over $500 of DLC so would really like to play again. In game name For-Fishs-Sake Just curios if there is a step I missed because I had to initialise my whole ps4 before I downloaded game.
  9. I agree with all on this Sturgeon fastest just night skip peaks and I would suggest 6/0 hook now as they still bite fast enough and you will get bigger size equals more money and XP, a must on the barbless too. The Muskie are also fun as well as good money and XP when you get bored. Another good 1 is when you hit 42 in Germany go to Gold Lake and get Bighead and Silver Carp , 6/0 Vegetables and Technoplankton when you unlock it work with float setups , I use a 9 ft 10 Brutus with the new 39.6 lb reel forget name with 40lb fluoro and you can go to 2nd last drag setting, from 100 ft to 120 ft from where you spawn in all the way to your right in day peaks.(they get to 75 lbs and fill your net quite fast using multiple rods and a stand)
  10. Hi I can not log on , most of the time I get error code CE-34878-0 around 90% of the time I try to log in to fishing planet. The other 10% of the time it starts to load then freezes . This started after PSN update then got worse after the 2nd fishing planet update to the point I can not play at all now, tried loading for 4 hours this morning still can not log in. I have done my best to support this game and bought 14 DLC and would continue to support the game if I could just play it! Please help me as I used to really enjoy the game even with all the glitch's I encounter in game it is still fun. My in game name is For-Fishs-Sake I play on PS4
  11. Reset your game works or its not a great option but you can go into your inventory and highlight the rod you want and back to map and it should be in your hand .Sometimes that will allow to use L1 again to select rods.
  12. I have an issue mostly when I play competitions if I find I am not catching anything in a competition I normally do good at, as soon as I leave the location and go to global map all my weather tiles on each location are all either blank or show the exact weather in every location. Once this happens my game is in some sort of glitch mode where I can not catch any fish or catch all very small fish only. If I reset my application it usually fixes it but not when in competitions , so once it happens in a competition I am basically guaranteed to lose a lot of points and have lost 100s if not 1000s of points this way. I have saved over 20 pictures of this problem but not sure how to attach the pictures from my ps4 to my laptop. I would appreciate help, I have at least 7 to 8 DLC packs I have bought to support game and would buy more if my game worked properly and didn't frustrate me so much. Other then this issue I really enjoy the game and the fact you are all adding new content is great, just hope we can solve my problem, ty in advance. Lee.
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