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  1. Company direction ---- continue breaking the game after fooling people into buying 'The Fisherman' while basically giving F2P a complete makeover with continuous updates.. So much more too say but i'm not quite ready to get banned.. meh!
  2. 'We will look into it' they leave out the second part of the sentence which is 'but we won't do anything about it'
  3. 1min left ...20kg tro-BROKEN CATS-phy just over 3mins after the siren sounded... shame it's a waste of what was a good comp.
  4. 5mins 24kg trophy Cats n whatever the fkn comp is called.. patch is pathetic.. see if you can ruin the game up more now we've all paid as well..
  5. I posted a rant after the sturgeon comp but calmed down deleted the rant and that’s all I could think of saying
  6. and now it takes twice as long too farm... if we all weren't frustrated already with the straight up 'dumb' scheduling of the 'empty' amateur comps.
  7. Until then gradually increase the amount of amateur comps because less and less people are entering them, it's cool though because we can put more solid hours into farming which is always exciting!! It's no surprise some make alt accounts.. least they have something to do other than farm (not condoning it just saying)
  8. We just finished Emerald Predator hunt now there is 8 hours worth of amateur comps each with only a 1 or 2 entrants. I'm in Australia so our next comp starts at 6pm, then straight after is another amateur comp, so back to normal at 10pm.... great day off with zero competitions for non amateur and an exciting night of 2 comps and then bed. Not a lot thought going into the scheduling which I think is pretty ordinary, it's probably about time a little thought went into it, an amateur comp every 3 or 4 normal comps maybe..... anything other than the way it is!!!!!!!
  9. You're welcome, must have been server maintenance just prior to the update that's due anytime. Yeah just in time, i spawned in and blue screened.. 3rd time since I started playing, can't complain with that.
  10. The servers went down about 45mins ago , info broadcast said they would be down for app 60mins. That's all I know, hence the reason i'm in here Back up now
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