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  1. QUOTE: [[[[[[[[[[[[ Compensation for MegaChuber rod owners Mar 22 @ 9:42am - Killerwhale Dear Anglers! Together with the Carp Fishing update, there has been a change in the MegaChuber rod characteristics. In connection with this all MegaChuber rod owners will get compensation: - 40K credits for any MegaChubber rod - 375 baitcoins for MegaChuber SE rod Also, we'll deliver an additional compensation for the travel costs for all owners of the corresponding rods in the amount of 15K credits. Compensation will be delivered to you once you restart the Game. ]]]]]]]]]]]]]] QUOTE FACEBOOK FISHINGPLANET: [[[[[[[[ Fishing Planet April 4 at 4:53 AM · Hello, Anglers! Many of you were asking about the disappearance of Mega Chuber rods! There have been changes in characteristics of Mega Chuber rods (they now belong to the category of Carp Rods). They have been replaced by Bottom Sniper rods in the in-game shop. All owners of Mega Chuber rods will receive Bottom Sniper rods with corresponding characteristics while previously purchased Mega Chuber rods will be placed in the Home Storage. ]]]]]]]] I never received 40K, nor did I ever receive a Bottom Sniper rod in home storage. I'm on PC, form my understanding I should have received 80K because I own two mega chuber rods, I can also prove that I owned them when they were used as bottom rods, I have a video on my youtube channel using the rods to catch pike with shiners, video Published on Mar 16, 2019 I need to get this taken care of, I want my credit for both rods, the developers need to fulfill what they promised.
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