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  1. Again @Moderators: Can we lock this so the bashers will stop trying to distract any attention from the actual vote please?
  2. Well, it is my post and if I want to request it be locked so people like you and Red can't try and bash my poll, then that is exactly what I will do! And, btw, your opinion and his are not gospel so that is exactly why I created this pole. And, I don't care if you and Red have discussed this for a long time, and I don't care about your individual opinion on how it should be handled. Again, this is exactly why I did not want this topic opened for discussion. You high level players just want it selfishly removed because YOU have no need for it but FP will never remove it because they know it is useful to their business model. Now, please go elsewhere and bother someone else.
  3. Note: This Red Dwarf negative response was exactly why I asked the devs to close this for any discussion and just allow people to vote anonymously Just because he thinks it is immaterial does not mean everyone in the community shares his opinion, and, I believe, given a chance to vote, the silent majority opinion will ultimately prevail. So, in summary, haters and bashers please be silent. And moderators, PLEASE LOCK THIS TOPIC!
  4. I think it is you who are the rude one. BTW, I care nothing about his decision, and if you are too lazy to vote, then go elsewhere. And, where did I ask anyone for help? Instead of bashing people you need to post more constructive responses.
  5. It would have been nice if you shared a link to the supposed decision to save many of the uninformed (like me) from the hassle of trying to find it. Anyway, this poll is really not about trying to change any decision that has or will be made. But it is about trying to get a handle on how the community really feels (eg, keep or remove) and why they may feel that way. And, if the FP devs want to take this poll into future consideration, that is fine as well.
  6. I have added some additional choices so we can really see the big picture on how the community really feels. @ moderators: Can someone please lock this topic from additional responses? This Poll is not intended to be a discussion thread for Keep or Remove so just vote please! BTW, the Keep or Remove discussion thread is here: Petition to end Amateur Comps Thank you, ladyblucky
  7. I agree in part because once anyone gets beyond the amateur ranks, they have no need for amateur comps; however, the business still needs amateur comps to help generate revenue. Specifically, amateur comps are structured to generate DLC purchases because some DLCs give a clear advantage to the owner in many amateur comps. For example, the Sports Float Pack gives you everything you need to win the Emerald competition at level 5 when there is no way you could win at that level with in-game equipment. Same for several other amateur comps. Now, I am not disagreeing that they could be better managed but I don't see how getting rid of them entirely would help the Fishing Planet business model. ladyblucky
  8. In the PC version, if you do an account reset, your personal skill rating does not change (eg, revert to zero). So, you actually start anew with the same skill rating you had before the reset.
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