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  1. Same here in France
  2. Hi, - Can we expect to see a crossplateform with PC and PS4/PS5 ? - Could we have a better vibration system in the game like for exemple strong vibrations on big fish and Unique ones or when the line is in the red and conversely very weak vibrations when the fish is small or is Likely to get drop out ? (Are you going to use the Haptic system of the Dualsense controller of the PS5 ? - Can we hope one day to see a fishing rod controller like the one released on Playstation 2 with the game Bass Master fishing ? That will be awesome ! Thank you very much for your awesome game !
  3. Hi, Since the last update the game is broken.. Me and many of my friend or usera of community/discord/Facebook group are okay to say the game is boring because all fish won't bite our lures.. the fish AI is down, we can fishing many hours without a fish ! Can you help us to taking more fish ? Thank you very much !
  4. Hi guys Please someone can show me the caracteristics of the rods/material of this ps4 pack ? And please Fishing Planet, add a description for all your dlc pack in the store , because no one wants to buy it blindly... thank you very much
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