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  1. Hi Need items from Fishing Planet in Steam Points Shop: https://store.steampowered.com/points/shop/
  2. Hi Maybe in future sea kayak.
  3. Hi I think need more loctions in Africa. My sugesstion: Nile in Egypt(unlock on 20 level) Mediterranean Sea, Cape Bon(unlock on 30 level)
  4. Zenon52

    Fish pond

    Hi I think need typical fish pond
  5. Premium not offer more benefits than a time ago, today not is interesting for all players. Still same old solutions not are good for new players, many old players expect more. Game must be better, more attractive for new players.
  6. Zenon52

    New maps

    I think now want more in Europe.
  7. Hi I think in Fishing Planet need Subscription to buy. In Subscription: - always change time is free - less price for travel to location - your nick on chat have another color(maybe gold color) - boost more exp - boost more money - rent kayak or boat is free - you can send gift to another player - always 5% discounts in shop and more
  8. Hi I think in Fishing Planet should be Motorboat Jesion from Poland.
  9. Hi Need in Fishing Planet Winklepicker. Example with real life: Jaxon INTENSA GTX Winklepicker
  10. Hi Need new elements in Finshing Planet on steam: 1. Find daily gift with random reward and send to random player 2. Better economy 3. Clouds with animation 5. Ray Tracing 6. More waterways in Europe 7. Universal headlamp for all caps 8. Maybe separate map with waterways dedicated on country 9. Premium missions 10. Boat with seat for another player (invite to boat) 11. New information on chat: individual player record, ect. 12. New fish from Poland: "Karp zatorski"
  11. Odra is good idea. In Odra are: Asp, Ide, Squalius cephalus, Common bream, Common roach, Zander, Northern pike, Silver carp and more.
  12. Maybe: Neman River(Country: Belarus, Lithuania, Russia) Augustów Canal(Country: Poland, Belarus) Olza River(Country: Poland, Czech Republic) Dunajec River(Country: Poland, Slovakia) Bug River(Country: Poland, Belarus, Ukraine) Lusatian Neisse River(Country: Czech Republic, Poland, Germany)
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