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  1. Thanks for your comments and info shared guy's , I hope this helps many players in the future too
  2. Hey guy's , Any idea how this Lure works ? Deep Runners ? and which lakes / fish prefer it ? Kindly share your knowledge Thanks ! ?!
  3. Hi Admins :') ? No one here ? all Afk .. okkeee
  4. oh well that's sad , I just wish they make the DLC's in one or two or Three (Bundles) , there are so many DLC's , why don't fishing planet just put them together make a Good $% deal and everyone will be thinking about buying the bundles for sure ,, so many' seperated dlc's is kinda confusing and too much , just put them together fishing planet Admins hope you read this thanks !
  5. Hello Everyone ! I really need to get me a dlc that has like unlimited advanced lakes license , is there Any DLC you know about that has that ? I mainly fish at Michigan right now , and I'm Level 40 and moving to 50 . I wish to make a lot of credits along the journey Kindly help , thank you !
  6. Alright then :') here we come cali , thanks guy's but ,, would you help me out with the peak hours /weather please ? and should I use spawn sack or another bait ?
  7. Alright thanks man , Any Other Suggestions or opinions guy's ? please Share your knowledge
  8. Hello fishermen / . I have been playing the game like crazy the last 2 weeks and I've reached level 40 Now ! wooooo but mainly I was fishing for walleye then northern pikes , then catfish and sturgeon ! but now After reaching level 40 , I'm wondering where to go fish next - what's the fastest way to reach level 50 ? which Lake I should focus on , Which Fish gives most money in the lake (that you will mention) , and Which fish gives the most Xp in that Lake ? I would really love to see your answers as I consider myself very New to the game still Alright that's all I have to say . I wish you best of luck everyone ! fish on ! P.S : PLEASE HeLP Me ^^'
  9. alright @Carpman99 Thanks so much and enjoy the game bro
  10. Alright thanks @Carpman99 , Also there is one person Suggested I get This Bundle as it works for everywhere , what do you think about it , ? Fishing Planet: Bottom Power Pack
  11. Well , my aim is to level up fast to 50 , and make decent money along the way , I enjoy all type of fishing , and areas , so far .. and There is so many Bundles and I don't know which one I should buy for my level to go at least far away with level as possible ? tired of fishing walleyes
  12. Hello , I'm really enjoying this game , and I would like to support it as well as I would like to buy a dlc Bundle But.. I'm now at level 28 and I don't know which bundle to buy , I play on (Steam PC) , so what's the best Option for me ? I'm aiming to level up fast to level 50, and make money along the way so please help me if you can , Thank you
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