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  1. New issues since most recent patch on PS4: * Casts will now go backward (behind you) instead of in the water where you are aiming. You have to put the rod away and pick it back up again to get it to cast correctly again. * Sinkers (even 8oz sinkers) will bounce upon impact, some 25’ to 75’ in the air and random directions. Like the previous issue, you have to put the rod away, do something different and then pick it back up. * Fishing using rod holder - bottom fishing, you have a fish on, yet the reel locks up and can not retrieve the line. You have to put the rod back on the rod holder, change locations, fish with another setup, catch a fish and reel it in and then go back to the rod holder in the original location, the fish will be gone and you can reel the line in. Wastes 20 minutes of peak time. You can either do all of that or simply exit the game and restart it. Now, for a review of the patch. Sadly for the PS4 crowd, we didn’t get the trade-off of the new bite system and custom competitions. Instead, we received the new bite system, but no custom competitions, and no word on when those are coming. With the new bite system expect that for some special species they’ve targeted you’ll potentially be staring at your screen for upwards of 30-45 minutes (real time) without a nibble when before it may be 15 minutes in between bites for the toughest species. Nighttime bass fishing in the Everglades was an absolute blast before this update. After evaluating it for the last 24 hours here’s what you can expect. If you were accustomed to night fishing the typical 9pm to 5am: * Expect to catch 60% less fish (in total during peak times) than prior to the patch. * Expect the overall average weight of the fish you catch to be significantly lower even during peak time. * Expect to catch more Florida Gar (a bunch more) than prior to the patch. At peak times I’m catching Gar at a 2 to 1 ratio. * Prior to the patch you would average 15+ trophy sized LMB over the 9pm to 5am span. Now, with the new bite system you can expect half that amount or even less. * Prior to the patch, on the perfect weather setup at night from 9pm to 5am (the weather setup with two peaks and a lull at midnight) you could expect to catch 5+ Unique LMB. Now after the patch with an identical weather setup, the most I’ve caught is 3 and 2 of those three barely qualified as unique at a bit over 8lbs and one 11lber. * It seems I catch a lot more 2.5lb to 4lb LMB after this new bite system whereas before that weight range was more common during the daytime hours and off-peak hours. (Still less overall number of fish being caught and now on average much smaller than prior to the patch.)
  2. I predict there will be an announcement within the next 9-12 months that the F2P version’s servers will be shutting down. It makes no logical sense (financially, and from a marketing and development standpoint, etc.) to maintain both versions. Plus, this game from the F2P standpoint is long in the tooth, so the P2P version breathes a new bit of life into the title and will extend its life a bit longer than had it simply remained F2P. This transition of F2P to P2P of titles of this nature is more common nowadays than you might think - however there is some stark differences, and the largest is the fact that each is considered its on separate entity, and both operate on separate servers. One’s gotta go, and it sure as shooting ain’t gonna be the P2P version. Now, they aren’t going to come out and make it public knowledge until it’s absolutely necessary - they’d be foolish to do so. But, the script has been written, and as someone who solely plays independent titles, I’ve already experienced this movie before. I’ll play the F2P version until D-Day, then I’ll say adios and have no regrets. If 35 DLC’s floats your boat (pun intended) then go ahead and spend your money. I have zero interest in repeating an entire journey for what little benefit the P2P version offers. In watching the first few episode’s of KPShamino and the beta version, it has further cemented that I’ve made the right decision. Regardless, of what I think...To each his own. Happy fishing!
  3. It doesn’t add any further realism, it just makes it more likely that lower level players won’t want to grind on the F2P version and will purchase “The Fisherman” instead. Been here since the beginning, and this is the most transparent move I’ve witnessed to this point.
  4. Can someone answer when this will go live? I’ve heard it mentioned recently on a live-stream and saw a post mentioning that the devs are currently working on this - also a new competition model which will curtail the cheating (multiple accounts). kpshamino mentioned on his latest video that there is already something updated with the UK Lakes that is different than the US Lakes - but I could not follow what “different system” he was describing.
  5. It’s obvious that the goal here is singularly designed to generate revenue streams via new content. Quality control and customer service isn’t in the same stratosphere of concern as is the almighty dollar. Now the truth is none of this happens if there isn’t a reasonable expectation of being profitable - but, when you look at other devs out there in the software market it is possible to consistently do both. There’s way too many examples of these devs ignoring issues on the PS4 side, to give them the benefit of the doubt any longer, regardless of what a community rep will come on here and say from time to time. I wonder if this company has a BBB profile.
  6. Preface: I check in from time to time to see what has or hasn’t developed over here on the PS4 side of FP. I wish I would have had the level of patience that ViolentVole and others have shown these devs over the last year - but, I just don’t take to well to devs such as this who “don’t have the time” to respond to repeatedly reported issues which mar the end-user’s experience. I always felt in the early days that FP had more potential than any other title of this genre. Unfortunately I walked away from playing FP consistently during the “Great Crankbait Debacle of December 2017” and have only played it sparingly since it became apparent that the devs for some reason were not working alongside their community to make the most out of the title. From time to time community forum representatives would chime in, but from my perspective never consistently served as a good advocate for the end-users. In response to your post, I guess I missed something because in my perspective the devs have never really taken a consistently proactive stance regarding communication of this title’s future, nor some of the issues that have plagued it at times. A little off-topic - but two things when I booted up FP a little while ago. #1 good gracious, maneuvering through tackle and moving it around has now become an all-day affair. Why is the UI so much worse than it was 9-12 months ago? #2 - with a community like you all have here. Why aren’t private tournaments and option with this game? Let the cheaters fight amongst themselves and have the option to form private tournaments via invitation, set up the parameters, etc. To me that would get me interested in having tournaments with a group of guys/gals I know and trust to play fairly. Till next time, hopefully happy fishing!
  7. I sure did, but my son has his account - BJSanford so I’ll occasionally jump on a game or two especially if there is a PSN Plus game that he can add to his library. When I sold my account I had 82 games on my Library and there was a good number that I’ve gotten for free since joining PSN Plus at its inception. The physics honestly didn’t feel that much different with the Crankbaits and I won’t waste everyone’s time with another novel on my feelings toward that lol.
  8. Downloaded patch, jumped back into one of my favorite spots from many months ago before this game on PS4 went (IMO) downhill.... It did not take more than 20 minutes of gameplay to realize the same issues are still massively hindering this game’s potential which as some of you note caused you to stop spending money, but for me also ended my subscription. Maybe some have different expectations than myself, but this game was far more stable and playable on PS4 prior to December 2017 and the issues that came with that patch have only been further compounded with recent patches. I saw the news of the newest patch and hoped to see marked improvement, but we are just not there yet. The only reason I continue to hope for this game’s success on PS4 vs PC is my commitment to the console market. However in its current form, FP on PC is far superior than FP on PS4. No offense intended.
  9. The newest trick to twarting Bigfoot/Nessie’s plan has been to exit the game, go to my subscriptions, and cancel my FP Premium Subscription. Then I was able to the sell my PSN account for $685 on eBay to recuperate some of the money I lost by purchasing the FP stuff on PS4 vs. PC/Steam. Now I’m a proud owner of a new gaming PC and a fully-loaded PC version of Fishing Planet that a friend hooked up for me. Your method of avoiding losing lures is the best and honestly I was being stubborn and avoided doing that hoping the footage I was capturing and sending to support would garner a response and a fix. Six months later the issue has neither been fixed or acknowledged. Thankfully with what I’ve got now on this PC version of FP, I don’t lose a dime of real money if Nessie wants to take my crankbaits into the void. Happy fishing!
  10. Welcome to the Flying Lure club! Bigfoot is most definitely real, and he is non-discriminatory about whose lures he takes cause he gets kick backs in the form of bananas from the developers. The more lures we lose, the more bananas he eats!
  11. Another unsatified long-time player and early adopter. I cannot remember another independent release where the product quality decreased as time went along like this one. Usually it’s the opposite, but for some reason it’s not the case here. When I speak of this decline I am referencing the PS4 edition. I’m sure on the PC version there are still a large number of satisfied members of this community, but I doubt the PS4 numbers are comparable. Optimization of this software for the PS4 seemed to grind to a halt last December. I know personally that’s when the physics changed for us on PS4 and things have gone downhill ever since. Even my 10 year old son came to me after the most recent patch and asked me not to renew his subscription after May - and he LOVED this game even more than I did before the issues arose. This issues have never IMO been properly acknowledged or repaired. If the PC adopters are satisfied, then these devs seem content.
  12. The reason I and a few others gave up on Fishing Planet is because the PS4 version is truly the Red-headed step-child of PC version. (I can use that phrase because I’m a ginger.). Not only is it several steps behind the PC version, but communicated & verified issues are ignored or denied regardless of multiple reports and visual evidence. I lost a fair amount of $$$ on a particular issue this game still has to this day which was reported originally 6 months ago. Periodically I check back on this forum and the game to see how folks are doing, and each time the PS4 userbase gets smaller. You are right WhiskerFisher when you speak of the game’s potential - unfortunately it will never reach near the true pinnacle point on the PS4 version. I have thankfully been able to spread the word and get folks who were considering using the PS4 version to avoid it and go with the PC version if they want a fully enjoyable experience. Sad part for me is the PS4 version was excellent for a long while, but there came a point where certain patches which were effective on the PC caused issues on the PS4 and the team has never fully addressed or acknowledged that issue. Best of luck! Either way I hope you all enjoy.
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