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  1. Hello there firstly you may want to read the guys post secondly jerkbaits do NOT have a depth like cranks and runners theres one spot in michigan in pike alley jerkbaits actually work everywhere else they just drag the bottom like the man said in his post few people having same issue they was fine pre update but now pretty much useless and considering the one i bought was 42 coins this needs sorting thanks in advance
  2. Ok thanks very much most helpful tl gl
  3. Thanks carpman where do i go to submit a ticket sorry old fart here lol
  4. Hello just rebought the perch topwater walker after losing it in alaska was my own fault so i went to florida and a bug occurd where i hooked a snag and i had to recast it out as it wouldnt let me take it offl i could not reel in forcing me to close the game booted game back up and that lure has gone so not happy i would like this sorted and either a refund of my coins or lure back thanks Apesgame68
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