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  1. TheSleepingFisherman Steam 15/04/19 Another crash to desktop, this one was from clicking play on Steam and as soon as the Fishing Planet first screen came up it produced the crash report, files attached. crash.dmp error.log
  2. TheSleepingFiserman Steam 14/04/19 Was in the game shop going through the spoons and spinners when the game crashed and came up with the crash report, (files added) crash.dmp error.log
  3. Found them thanks, did not think to look down there below the reels, what a stupid place to put them.
  4. There was really no point in taking away the Chubbers from players, I was a level 45 when mine went, one rod was a level 35 and still is, the other two were level 39, (still the same level to buy in game), sure move them to another category in player inventory instead of removing them altogether. When looking in game shop those three rods are supposed to be in my inventory according to the green tag in top left corner but I did not see them before I started my latest trip that I am still on so cannot check to see at the time of this post without leaving location, Steam has just done a 174mb update but there is no info as to what it was for since the boillie update so it could be a hotfix for the boat bug or an update on the rod situation, I do not care about the money returned for the rods, I can get that back in game easily, none were bought with bait coins, all I want is my rods back without having to buy them again.
  5. When feeder fishing why is there an auto fill feeder, when fishing with two rods and you get a bite on the rod still in the water just as the fish your reeling in comes out of the water, not only have you got to release or keep, (which you have time to do) you also have to wait for the damn auto fill feeder before you can pick up/strike the other rod that has now got a bite, (which you do not have time to do), resulting in a lost fish, the option of allowing the player to turn this auto fill feeder off or on would be much better, we all have this option in RL fishing. Tight lines all. Sleepy.
  6. PC Steam Had only just started up game and clicked on inventory and it crashed to desktop. TheSleepingFisherman crash.dmp error.log
  7. Have the fish been unlocked to catch yet?, noticed that the prezzie's are floating around and just finished a round at Alberta but did not see any of the event fish being caught. Merry Christmas to all at Fishing Planet.
  8. Three times now I have crashed to desk top, I have attached the latest file, it has only recently started to crash. crash.dmp error.log
  9. Enjoyed the beta and have just updated the live on Steam, game states ready but just get the loading screen icon spinning, (continuous spinning), is there some maintenance server side going on?. (ignore all good!)
  10. Had a taste of the missions in the beta testing and I will admit as an old player of level 40, skill rating 13 that there are a few things that I had over looked, along with a few fishing spots that I would not think of, the next major expansion will, I hope, top the Fishing Planet title to the top fishing sim on the market, you guys are without doubt the 'Mutts Nuts' as we say here in the UK, keep up the superb work. Tight lines all.
  11. Just had another bash at another beta test, it dose us oldies good to brush up on technique's that we don't use often, now back to the live game and finish my fishing location, Florida. Tight lines all.
  12. Steam. Do not know if this has been reported and have given you the details of my set up below to try the same thing yourselves with other set ups and the one used, go to left of pontoon, right edge at White Moose Lake and cast towards the large/huge rock on the right, (when facing left) and then just wait and watch what the line dose when the spoon gets to the bottom, it might happen just before it gets to the bottom, distance from 225 feet to 190 feet the line will do what it did for me, I will try to get a vid clip of it but every time I try my Pc just will not comply so thought that this is the better option for now to see if you can repeat what I did, if the same thing happens to you then you will not miss it when the spoon sits on the bottom/lowest point. Location, White Moose Lake Equipment used Candy Cane rod Reel Shamrock 5500 Line 18" Fluoro 1.1/2oz single spoon
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