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  1. actually I never had a problem until about a week ago,i think they did an update or something,ive used the same setup,same bait etc that ive always used at calif for salmon and sturgeon,id catch 2-3 with no problem,now suddenly ill lose 1 or sometime 2.Ill fight then switch setups fight then switch again,usually n/p until lately
  2. omg can u please make it so that message does appear so frequent.Lately its been getting more and more common everytime I get 2 or more fish running the lines.I will fight the fish and always lose 1 sometimes 2 fish.Some baits are expensive and sux when keep losing it
  3. I don't mind that the fish are tougher to bring in,gives a much better feeling of accomplishment,what I do mind is the constant bait eaten or stolen when u have 2 or more rods running at the same time,i run 3 bait and 1 lure,when u lose 2-3 fish from the bait eaten or stolen message it becomes total BS,some of these baits are not cheap to just give it away because are fighting harder fish
  4. L1 and dpads im guessing thats console,what about computer players
  5. happens on PC too,had to restart game for it to work,
  6. i was going to make a topic but saw this and figured id write here.It would be a nice feature to be able to place markers where the fish actually hit at.Especially on floating or lure fishing.I caught a fish just a few feet in front of me and when i set a marker it set it where i first threw the lure at and not where i actually got the hit and caught it.
  7. DonSPa


    I like using the black and the yellow spotted ones,ive had strikes close enough to the boat that they actually have hit the boat now that scares ya real quick when ur not expecting it lol
  8. DonSPa


    disappointed not to find my alltime favorite lure which is the jitterbug.Ive had more luck using them than any lure made.Caught many bass,pike and musky with them
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