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  1. Just a quick suggestion which would be great down the road. I think you should but more time into either the forums or make an Official Fishing Planet Discord Server, Discord is a great platform for communities and lets be honest most people have it, so it would be a great place for your community to join and Chat, Get Together and share catches etc Right now everyone's joining unofficial ones, but one that i set up by you guys and advertised where possible would be a fantastic addition to the community
  2. TBH Crossplay would be awesome! I mainly play on PC but having the ability to continue progress on my xbox (as thats what i take when i travel) would be a great addition
  3. I believe it is from when you click the pop up box in game to obtain it after the purchase
  4. Hey All Been browsing the forums and apart from a few with links that expired i have been unable to find a discord community, having run a few in the past i figured why not chuck one up! Invite Link (That doesn't expire ) - https://discord.gg/xAfQtwm All players are welcome whether you are new or experienced!! Just want to make a place for people to chat, find help and generally chill out! I will need some help running the discord so if you have experience in it let me know
  5. I would love some help Just started getting into the game recently and am a amateur fisher haha there is so much terminology and kit ive never seen or heard of in my life it can be very overwhelming
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