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  1. I know what my point was, and I made it. But what the heck is all this? ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ I never claimed I was forced into anything. Just that if I had known there was a cheating problem with this game that I wouldn't have spent so much money on it. But, you've said a few things that are really bordering on offensive, and since I'm sure you won't have any idea what I'm talking about, let me show you. 1: Don't appreciate you insulting my intelligence. 2: Calling someone a 'dummy', however badly misspelled, is still insulting their intelligence. 3: Now, apparently because I don't agree with you everything I post is nonsence or poop? I've had enough of this. It does break forum rules regarding insults.
  2. LOL ok. I'm not at all sure what your point is, but please, continue. You're hilarious.
  3. Yeah... ok. I see where this is going. Thank you for your input Kylerobz. I'm sure you're right... whatever you say. It's easier to 'read properly' when the poster spells properly, punctuates and uses grammar properly too.
  4. u play for a month and expect automatically win against many people who have played a long time who most have played 100s of comps gaining extensive knowledge on how to play within the comps and tournys. That's you... Posted 7 hours ago.
  5. @Kylerobz I don't expect in a million years to BEAT players who have like 2000 hours in this game. What I do expect is to NOT see the same names over and over winning comps or to see the same people pulling 15 or 20 trophy fish out of the water EVERY SINGLE COMP. It is so blatant. And please, point out to me where in my post that I said that I shouldn't be beaten? Where did I say that I was the uber angler-woman of the free world? Oh, wait... I didn't. I, as Rotacomando, pointed out, go into comps with the sole purpose of learning the different game mechanics as opposed to open play. I entered the Trout tourney. No thought of winning, just to see how the game differs during competition. You entirely missed my point, Kylerobz.. I wasn't complaining about losing. I was complaining about the OBVIOUS hacks and cheats going on in this game.
  6. I've been playing FP for just over a month now and I was ABSOLUTELY loving it... Until I started trying competitions.. What a freaking joke. The game is so inundated with cheats that there is zero chance for an honest player to win. Is there any effort at all being made by the devs to work on this? Any plans to? Anything?? After dropping a couple hundred bucks into DLC's, premium status, and baitcoin packs I feel like the world's biggest chump. No way to get a refund on anything, no hope of seeing an attempt to correct the problem.. And NOT A CHANCE I will ever recommend this game to anyone!!
  7. Firewalker1946 is right. Competitions ARE broken. I'm not level 50 yet, and from a new player standpoint, what's the point? If you don't have an HONEST chance at winning a tourney or competition, why bother even entering? And... if the game owners don't care enough to stop the cheating, then are they a company I want to invest my time and money with?
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