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  1. What have I done to you to make you want to block me on Steam? I did send you a Twitch donation afterall !!!!! Christ, I haven't met anyone like you before.

  2. Hey Nilly,

    Where's your Twitch channel gone? 

  3. Boats

    At least you have a lake to take it on...
  4. Hey Nilly I sent you a PM hope you don"t mind

  5. Streamer/youtube Channel Hub

    Pro-Hookers Nilly Chipples https://www.twitch.tv/ph_nillychipples Dlc's / Quizes / Earn Points for the Massive December 1st Give away
  6. Give thanks

    Great i am glad you enjoyed it, plenty more of that where it came from https://www.twitch.tv/ph_nillychipples
  7. Open Mic Night 2

    After the first success of our first open mic night nearly 3 weeks ago, I am trying to set up another one, main subjects, Night fishing & consuls v PC'S, Lures, ECT ECT This will be posted on steam so it will be the same as this to gain more traffic, details will be updated on here. Many thanks to all who came last time.
  8. DLC'S

    I hope to give away a few more DLC'S next week, all being paid out of my own pocket
  9. well hello

    Yep Thats a nice Silver Back you have there
  10. Pro-Hookers Fishing Club

    I would guess by the members themselves inviting you / or from the head of the group, I have no idea how, I have never asked
  11. Rules

    Yes I have read all 16 points of the game rules and fully understand