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  1. Why is there NO Communication? We dont know if the Game is dead, or they are still want to bring Updates, I know they released something not so long ago, but THIS WAS AFTER 1 YEAR!!! Soooooo WHY we dont get every Waterway thats in FP? why we dont get any Bugfixes or Quality of Life improvements? Devs, if you still support this Game, what about an Q&A on Socials? or in Forum? PLEASE! WE NEED INFORMATION about the status of the Game, its TOOOOO SILENT!
  2. Yeah I also think that there is no Publisher that say: "Nooooooo our Game doesn't need to have more Content so more people would buy it" Bigben sure isn't just lazy af
  3. What sort of Publisher is that, who doesn't want that his Games are good?
  4. Why is there no Information about why we have a lack of Content, The Fisherman just could copy paste the existing locations in Fishing Planet, or am I wrong? They are the same Game, but we paid for having less Content? Why is there no word from the Devs about it? Does the Game not make enough Money? Okay Ill tell you how to fix this: Add EXCLUSIVE Content! Add Content in general! Give the Game an Sale on Steam! You can do more DLCs like Blue Crab, I know many people who wouldn't mind to pay for "new" Content... The prices of the DLCs are great, They are good in comparison to Fishing Planet, thats why you should do more, BIG Packs with new Locations! Also give us the same or better Events as in Fishing Planet pls! again its just a Copy Paste we ask for! PLEASE Devs, just Copy Paste oder tell us SOMETHING why you cant Copy Paste, its the same Engine etc, only exception is we have 24/7 Premium and permanent Licences, this shouldn't make that much of a difference! PLEASE DEV, GIVE US SOMETHING!!!
  5. Yep, I dont know why they just dont make the same content like FP...
  6. Yeah there WOULD be the statue the way is blocked because we cant do the event in Fishermen. There will be no missions etc. Its not a bug its only in Fishing Planet... We paid for it and I thought we will get the same cool stuff but we get nothing.
  7. I got the Game a few days ago, but did it in Fishing Planet but only like 3 missions or so, can I get it in Fisherman?
  8. I got kicked as i was in everglades and as i try to reconect: "Server isnt available or check your firewall"
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