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  1. I have a couple things to say here. If we are going to the new AI system the fish need to follow, generally, what real fish do. For example, predator fish need to generally be around attack points like ledges, underwater points, changes in bottom structure like rocks to grass of vice versa. Not just swimming around randomly. Catfish hang in holes, pretty much a known fact. You guys have spotted bass in lilies. That is not where they live, that is large mouth area. Spots (Micropterus punctulatus) are generally a deep water fish and should be found on underwater islands and deep water points. Look up YouTube videos on spotted bass if you choose not to believe me, California, or Georgia for example. Other areas of the county use the name "Spotted bass" they are however not spots, just borrowing the name. The fish FP shows in Texas, looks to be the spots I am speaking of above. My point, fish should follow generally know characteristics of Real fish and not just randomly swim about.
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    Marker Buoy

    It appears, as a low level we can only have 8 marker buoys? I have purchased them twice on my new toon and I still have only 8. FP did not mind taking my bait coins however. So, is it 8 only for a level 12?
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    Very happy with how well the Microsoft version runs. Way better than Steam, however, we will see how well Microsoft runs as the servers get more crowded. The one thing I have seen. We need more amateur comps. All of us are starting over and unless people spent all night playing many of the events are of no use. If nothing else, perhaps more amateur events for say one month and then scale back to present levels. To me, the real excitement in this game is the comps, the rest of the times are just lazy fishing or preparing for the next comp. So, we need more for some length of time.
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