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  1. We can maybe all day. I was nice when i asked... The thing is no matter what business i go to i can almost generally expect to be taken care of. In this case in gaming specifically its the consumer that always gets shafted. Yes it was my fault but the insult to injury here is i dont even think i owned the boat for more than 1 week especially when it comes to the cost of their DLC that is just well... heart breaking. We all know that something can be done here but it is their choice that it is not. Maybe i also sounded a bit harsh but after reading about the Dev situation and his health and how they did a go fund me to help him get home... I really feel like this company could have spent some cash to get this man a plane ticket home. That really gave me an idea on how this company works. How they asked their customers to help fund his plane ride home and didn't seem to help him at all. That says a lot, now i could be wrong maybe they did but as far as i know they did not. When i see them milking consumers for every last cent even to the point of adding paid storage, the cost of the baitcoins and the fact that my accidental sale didnt even get me close to repurchase of the boat that i lost ... It gave me 200 baitcoins so i would have to spend another 70$ just to get it back. Its just a lousy situation, i feel like if i went into a Mcdonalds an effin mcdonalds of all places and dropped my food right in front of them they would most likely give me another order at no charge and that actually cost them money. Mean while i have droppped quite a bit of cash here on this game because i enjoy it and i have 1 problem and the answer was, sorry no can do. When we know they can resolve this situation. in the end its my own fault, i guess i just expected too much.
  2. Well I just got a response, it said... "We cannot provide this kind of service" Pretty much said thanks for your money but honestly we do not give a F about you or the community. Of course there is something they can do but they choose not to. Not that this matters but that may be the last dime i spend on this game. Sucks ya it was my fault but damn....
  3. Well i hope so.... im still waiting on a response.
  4. So yesterday... I bought the DareDevil Motor boat pack all was going good until i looked at it in my inventory. I noticed that it had durability so i figured i would repair it except i didnt repair............ I accidently hit the sell button and sold my boat. Yup thats right i just sold a 34$ DLC on accident its gone now and im 200 bait coins richer which is not even anywhere close enough to repurchase the boat. Am i able to get any support on this? I sent a ticket from IN game but i have not gotten any kind of response.
  5. Is this possible? can xbox players play with PC?
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