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  1. Issues. There is a reason Fishing planet gets min 1/5 Stars. Fix your Bugs/Glitches*. *Fix Trophy fish that do not show in my profile that I caught. *Fix your bug that does not allow to release fish & trash. *Bug that keeps switching to July 4th Fireworks when I reel my rod. *Fish that have Unlimited Stamina. (2nd time I deleted this Game after a 3+hr fight. Not a real F-Ing shark/Goliath Grouper I am trying to catch. Still Did not catch by the F-ing way! Started with 96% Line/97%Rod/96%Reel Ends with10%Line/20%Rod/24%Reel fish from 45 ft aways swims off 230 ft away, Frustation is Real! *Lure flying off Screen till you have to quit game. (Lost 2 Trophy rare lures.)
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