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  1. I saw a few posts before about discords, most are dead or expired links. The Teamspeak doesn't connect anymore. Is there another?
  2. My chat box is now just a little tiny square on the bottom left and i can't find out how to put it back to how it was. I hit the chat button and nothing happens. I get feed of catches from me and strangers, but now i can't talk or anything.
  3. Yea it's similar. I've seen the chat box that tells who's in there with you, but I meant like who the person is that's beside you.
  4. Anyone have any idea if there's a setting or something to show the names of people around you? So far the only way I've found out is if they catch a fish and you see their name pop up in the chat log. Not sure if there a thing on the table or a setting to have their name over their head or something. Love the help.
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