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  1. They should have released the game as a full version like most of the other game developers. This is madness! People like the game and get pretty much addicted to it and spends ALOT more than a regular AAA game. Advertise it as a free to play but if you want it all you will have to spend 150-200 buck a year. Ridicilous is what it is. My real rod and reel cost 200 bucks. They also put advertise in the game like a mobile phone game.
  2. Updates like new maps and boats? Will that be free or do you have to buy that stuff?
  3. So this means no boats and other stuff for the free version? Buying premium and this add on is expensive! I rather buy a full game for 70 bucks like GTA or RDR and get the updates with it. This is just a way to milk out money. Sure free to play but if you want more xp and game money you have to buy premium, and also buy dlc. 1 year premium is like 90 bucks and this dlc package 70 bucks or something. Stuff like this Will make people quit the game and never come back. This is just greedy. Too bad because they would have done it right, this game had been one of the best games ever.
  4. Actually i don´t think you can take a picture with the camera, great is it not lol. What i do is that i set it as i want then take a screenshot.
  5. I have asked the same. The devs should put out notes as soon as the patch is released.
  6. Actually it works pretty well when you buy a larger keepnet or stringer. You can get alot of money by staying more than one day.
  7. I have tried alot of lures now and i´m pretty sure the color does not matter. I know i nag about flaws, but thats only because the game is overall so good and a joy to play. Stuff like this tends to put me down a bit regarding the joyment level. I used a silver bass jig for a couple of in game days. After that i used a blue and got the same result. Same thing for shads and the colors. In my opinion it´s a waste of money to buy different colors, just the type of lure seems to have effect. Am i right or was it just luck i got the same results with different colors?
  8. Thanks for the tips. Still think it´s pretty bad when it´s a simulator. I fish in real life and almost never have to repair my gear after a 3-7 days fishing vacation. I catch alot of fish and my gear works fine for a LONG time. I have only broken ONE rod in my life and that was when i slammed a car door on the tip of a rod.....
  9. Yeah, but i have heard it´s more expensive waiting too long? Sure you earn more if you stay a week, but some dude wrote he payed close to 10 000 to repair.
  10. Bad indeed, i mean in real life you can repair during travels. Game is supposed to be a simulator, but you can´t repair your stuff on the road.....sigh Such a great game in many aspects, makes me kind of angry they miss simple stuff like this. Who pays 10k for a fishing trip without being able to repair the equipment. Hope for an update regarding this and better graphics for Xbox
  11. Question about repairs. Is it possible to stay several days in a location and be able to repair stuff without leaving?. Pointless to spend like 7500 on a trip and then have to leave after one day for repairs. Great game, but the economy is beyond strange as it is. If we can´t repair without go back home, well then this game is almost unplayable instead of great.
  12. Oh okay, sorry Thanks for the answer and for a great game!
  13. Bought 3 days premium and now i might not be able to use it?
  14. Me too, the game now is for me 8/10. Better graphics will make it a 10. I dont say it has to be amazing graphics, just better.
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