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  1. Assassinxcoyote

    My birthday

    This yr on the 23rd of April i'll be 21 on Xbox one i will be hosting a fishing tournament must have heavy or x heavy gear with u we will be fishing all 3 sturgeon species in the game
  2. No i'm saying they need to give out free dlc's for the game instead of charging money for everything f'n thing
  3. Will there be a future update where we can use a bait coin to fix our gear instead of just cash in the game
  4. A because the whole fishery is deep on each pond u can go to at weeping willow
  5. What lvl will u need to be and how much will the travel and license cost for the new water way
  6. Will there every be the ability to own our own lake and put all our fish we catch in it especially the ones from all the events that happen and what do we do with the fish Mounts from the Halloween event which I am still doing the missions
  7. This is awesome when will this update gonna be on console because my wifi adapter for my pc broke
  8. Will there ever been any free dlc's for fishing planet instead of halfing to buy them all the time especially when you can't afford them
  9. There already is u just need to do a night fishing competition
  10. How come on pc i can fix my gear with a bait coin but on console i can't it would help out a lot if u would put that ability on consoles too. make it a lot easier to save money for other items in the game
  11. U serious about this because I know everything I need to catch the species in the Amazon river basin hopefully you put Arapima in the river
  12. Will there ever be the ability to go fishing in the Amazon river in fishing planet
  13. Who here agrees with me that the creators of fishing planet should give out free dlc's on holidays and their anniversary of the game that includes free bait coins also
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