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  1. how much meters away from the shoreline ?
  2. So...omnifloat 450 with #2 hook, 0.23mm and chubby, small cutbait in the middle of the lone star lake, the dark blue area is ok ?
  3. I heard something about leader length...which length is good for catfish in lone star lake, middle of it ? I heard someone saying that hook #6 is good for channel carfish...
  4. How do I know that the rod is telescopic or match ?
  5. Any setup example for level 9...please ? I am not very good at this...
  6. Thank you. Now it goes only to 26m, how can I go more ?
  7. Look here...I am holding at every cast. Right click also doesn t work on the first rod
  8. I have this setup : telefloat 650 with calisto xsr 1400, chubby, hook #6 and pet food. I can t go further than 10 meters, I can t hold left mouse button. I just press it and it goes at 9-10 meters...what should I do ???
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