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  1. psn: iNf3CtED_DRAGGON competition - top notch walleye day/time - 9/14/2017 1pm to 3pm the server went down at around 3pm at the same time as the competition ended and i doubt anyone received any rewards as i havent and this is the second time in a week.. rip my skill rating
  2. i just logged in and received the crankbait and some baitcoins. Thank you for the fast response and fix!
  3. psn: iNf3CtED_DRAGGON competition - big red fish, day - 9/11, time -11am to 1 pm i placed second but never got any rewards. thanks in advance On a sidenote i contacted 1st place and she had not gotten her reward either, so maybe look into the event itself?
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