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  1. Short video - See the 2nd fish caught: Equip a Bison 1/3 oz 1/0 lure. Cast out to the marker shown in the video. Use Stop n' Go on Speed 1 to retrieve. Note: Here are other lures I have used that work too: 1/8 oz 1/0 Spinner Rainbow 1/8 oz 1/0 Spinner Beetle Cheers, i50
  2. I completed all mission without any issues. The specific one you are attempting to complete requires the .005 (4 lb) braid line and a casting rod/reel. If you are using any braid heavier than .005 (4 lb) or a spinning rig, it will not count. I also assume you are tracking that particular mission at the time of the catch but I don't think that really matters. Now, if you have reviewed every requirement and you are sure you have met each one, then FP support is your only remaining option. i50
  3. i50

    Time limits

    Complete within the 2 hours.
  4. Hi @rdizz, Sorry to hear about your misfortune; however, you could get all your DLCs back if you requested an account reset (and you are playing on a PC). Here's a description of what's involved from support: It is possible to reset your account but all your progress, levels, in-game currency, and other items will be lost after the reset. If you are playing on PlayStation 4 - DLC`s and other paid content would be eliminated as well. If you are playing on Steam - non-consumables from purchased packs and DLC components would be resent to your account by Steam automatically. Premium access and baitcoins bought separately will be NOT reimbursed. Please confirm if you completely agree to the terms of the reset process. IMHO, sometimes a second time around can be a bit more enjoyable because many of us have already made a ton of mistakes that can now be avoided. Please be advised, they are not obligated to fulfill all requests, but if you ask nicely they may do it for you. You can request this in-game by going to Steam/Gameplay/Profile issues or sending an email directly to support@fishingplanet.com and provide your in-game name, platform (PC hopefully) and game registered email address. In either of the above cases you must provide a reason for requesting an account reset and, the way you word it, may be the key to getting it so be nice and polite. Good luck, i50 PS I am sending you a PM with additional information
  5. i50

    Buying repeats

    I think your wild guess is actually factual. I bought a DLC, sold all the contents, and then tried to buy it again at a later time. Well, Steam took my money but I never got the DLC loaded into my user. So, I contacted FP support and they told me to request a refund from Steam (because they allowed the second purchase). So I contacted Steam support, explained the situation, and they refunded my money.
  6. Hi Lenny, I just did a test and recorded 3 different locations and I cannot see any sonar rotation at all. The underwater terrain remains consistent and, take note, I stopped at a few places where the terrain had a steep decline and I never saw it repeat on the sonar (and I would have if it was doing a 360 degree rotation). Anyway, here it is, and please read my comments on youtube as well. Cheers friend, i50
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