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  1. Why does this say that Q3 is/was at Saint Croix in Michigan when Q3 was Marron River?
  2. I did pause the game while doing Q3 and I come back and unpause and the timer was not paused. lost alot of time. I tried doing Q3 on steam and it says it has ended. I also hear that people on Playstation had problems. Something is very wrong and this needs to be reset so people can fish their whole 2 hours
  3. well you got spooled ( pulled all your line out ) no matter that little glitch at the end you would have broken line anyway. You need stronger line
  4. yes I can read that too, just wondering if it has been taken down. That was always the first place that had info
  5. Has the Fishing Planet facebook page been taken down? I cant find it
  6. you confirm? have you talked to someone at microsoft? Anyway, if it takes longer and developers know this it then should be sent earlier to match the releases with other platforms. there might have been something wrong with DLC at certification that microsoft did not approve and it was sent back to get fixed. We will never know unless Microsoft tells us about their certification process. Which they wont so we will never know and we wont get nothing confirmed
  7. How do you know this? I have a very hard time to see that microsofts certification for a DLC is 2 weeks, maybe a new game yes. I play on Xbox, I have never noticed a 2 weeks certification for any DLC to a game
  8. It started working for me yesterday again after a little while. Had the same problem a few minutes ago but its working again
  9. I have the same problem. Also on Series X And a few friends of mine are messaging me with the same problem
  10. Hey It might been that you havent done some of the previous ones
  11. So now I got Another update for The Fisherman. 4.85gb. I still dont know what the one on the 23rd of october did. I feel we could get patch notes on this site or ingame so we know what you guys fix. And after installing update I cant get into the game. Connection with server was lost error Edit again Now I have infinite loading screen.
  12. So I got a update on Xbox for Fisherman. What is the update for? Any patch notes?
  13. Yeah it seems weird. I would like to see all that is included. 4 years of DLC sounds great but what items is there.
  14. p73s


    Thanks for the replies, I do understand they are good at the game. And I dont think thereis any hax. I just see people in chat think so. I love the game and wish I could find all the good spots:)
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