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  1. It started working for me yesterday again after a little while. Had the same problem a few minutes ago but its working again
  2. I have the same problem. Also on Series X And a few friends of mine are messaging me with the same problem
  3. Hey It might been that you havent done some of the previous ones
  4. So now I got Another update for The Fisherman. 4.85gb. I still dont know what the one on the 23rd of october did. I feel we could get patch notes on this site or ingame so we know what you guys fix. And after installing update I cant get into the game. Connection with server was lost error Edit again Now I have infinite loading screen.
  5. So I got a update on Xbox for Fisherman. What is the update for? Any patch notes?
  6. Yeah it seems weird. I would like to see all that is included. 4 years of DLC sounds great but what items is there.
  7. p73s


    Thanks for the replies, I do understand they are good at the game. And I dont think thereis any hax. I just see people in chat think so. I love the game and wish I could find all the good spots:)
  8. So I have noticed that top 5 in competitions almost always are the same people. And they always pull away with huge numbers. And these people have played on steam and now the windows version. Crossplay is great but it litteraly sucks doing competitions when on the xbox. There must be something that is alot better on pc that makes it easier to catch fish. There is no way of keeping up. People are in chat talking about hax etc. I understand they are good and have played alot. But how do they always get good RNG? Anyone have input on this? Please reply. I think this might be interesting to figure out
  9. p73s on Xbox One X casual fishing, doing some competitions and trying for uniques. http://mixer.com/p73s
  10. Hi when playing events (competitions) on Xbox many times the standings on the left corner is compressed. I can only see my own numbers. How do I open that up so I see the bigger list. Thanks. Gamertag p73s on Xbox
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