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  1. So when I fast forward to 9pm to do some night fishing there is a cooldown before I can skip again. (That's fine). So when I get to 11pm and the peak fishing has stopped and I want to skip to 2am I can't because there is a timer.

    However I thought during night hours there is no affect on cooldown time. So why can't I skip from 11pm to 2am without waiting for the timer? Or am I just missing something?


    Any help would be great. Thanks.

  2. Yeah, less amateur comps would maybe be better. Or maybe reducing the price to travel to the competition but then you're not allowed to stay afterwards and fish normally if you pay the reduced price.

  3. 27 minutes ago, kylerobz said:

    If its just the xbox achievments you want to complete 100% if its the same for ps4 i dont think you need to do ones like school bass and most of the others either. My friend hasnt competed in school bass and he has 100% achievment for ps4 trophies but he didnt get 100% until he had 5 top 3s in a row in comps which will most probably take you longer than just logging in every month just to register a tourny, but the ingame trophies thats a different kettle of fish so to speak . Most of the waterways require 10+ comp wins each so dont be dishartened if those challenges remain incomplete. A view as a whole though why would you want a game that could be 100% complete within a couple of weeks of play?

    Yes it's just the xbox achievements I'm concerned about. I'm not saying I want it easy but its needs to be doable, there are no tournaments on xbox atm so they are effectively unobtainable. 

    In regards to 1000 competitions, I'm sure this will be obtainable considering we are going to need a year after tournaments are released to qualify for 12. Although I've played about 70 hours so far and have only entered 14 due to amateur comps and timings of the competitions.

  4. 1 hour ago, Palavino said:

    We're currently testing player organised competitions, which are not tournaments.

    Ok that's cool. Is there going to be any tournaments added then considering you've added achievements on the release of the game but with no tournaments to compete in? 


    And will these player organised competitions count towards the 10 top 3 finishes in a row?


    Thank you for replying and all your work, loving the game so far!

  5. 18 hours ago, BobNudd10 said:

    make sure to apply for school bass tourney as with a lot of people on here we missed it trying to lvl up and you can   only do school bass as amateur. So we r unable to get the achievement of doing every tourny


    Unfortunately I'm way passed the level for doing the competition. I'm unsure how they want me to compete in 1000 competitions when pretty much anything at a lake I can afford has a max level of way below my level?? Anyway, I was on about the actual Xbox achievements, the in game challenges.

    I messaged the Facebook page about tournaments and they said will be coming in an update soon but they wouldn't give me a date.

    And every month??!??! So that's at least a year to finish the game and that's if I qualify for every single one...

  6. Some of these achievements are really tough, which is fine, although being a completionist I hope I will be able to get them all.

    However there is some added for tournaments which are currently unobtainable as there are no tournaments running. This is a bit disappointing.

    Any idea on when they will be released and how often they will run? Xbox have a lot of dedicated achievement hunters who will be very eager for this to happen.

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