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  1. Hello PS4 Anglers! I've started a new PS4 Fishing Planet Community called : 'Fishing Buddies' ! it's just me and two of my buddies, but you are all welcome to join! Post pictures of your catch on the board, join Fishing Buddies rooms and have fun catching the big ones! There might be events coming up in the near future aswel, I'm open to suggestions. I will regularly be streaming gameplay on Twitch (mrmrk86) Tight Lines!
  2. seafishing would be awesome!
  3. so...I'm wondering what the next new waterways ar going to be, or updates. I would like to see: 1. Amazon River - arapayma, Piranha, Bullshark 2. Spain/France - Bigger Unique Catfish and Carp 3. Norway - Halibut 4... Big Game.Seafishing Update: Sailfish, Tuna, Shark 5. Custum Rod Shop what do you guys think?
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