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  1. I'm getting the same problem in Germany & The Netherlands & only when after eels. Very frustrating.
  2. Slightly off topic but not worth starting a new thread for - I'm trying to catch every trophy & unique in the game but have been stuck at Saint Croix for ages trying to get the Trophy Brown Bullhead. I've used cutbait, shrimp, leeches, marshmallows & cheese with a 2/0 hook mainly fishing on the bottom at night although I've caught at all times. I've only found them up near pike alley in & around the reeds but never got one over 1.8lb. Any tips?
  3. I finally got a 4.3lb trophy LMB thanks to your advice. I'd been fishing in the wrong place for ages. Cheers!
  4. gunnies799 Thank you. I'll try your advice this weekend.
  5. Yes, it's the trophy I'm after. Another fruitless hour last night.
  6. The uni sauger took me ages as well. It was VERY satisfying when I finally caught one. I'm working my through all the trophy & uniques, about a dozen to go, but the largemouth bass in Mudwater still eludes me.
  7. I did almost exactly the same last night as I forgot to equip a different rod after, fruitlessly, chasing the unique sauger in NY for over a week. First cast using a very similar set up but with a 3" glow worm got me a 32lb uni chum. I thought that I may as well try it again &, 2 or 3 casts later, I got a uni Dolly Varden.
  8. Been playing FP since March & am now trying to catch the best possible specimen of each fish. The uni Sauger has been eluding me for ages. I've tried various nighttime lures by the rocks at peak times & have only hit 1 trophy in 10 or so hours game time. Am I missing something or is it just a question of perseverance?
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