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  1. Has anyone else had problems finding all the presents in Michigan? I've done it 6 times and get 14 each time...
  2. 6gb for what? There isn't crap on the PS4 for The Fisherman! Is seems those of us that bought it are getting SCREWED by Bigben and Fishing Planet llc. Neither of them give two shits about us that bought it! Hell, Bigben won't even answer any questions from us! Most of the people who own both are about to say screw it and stop playing both!
  3. I was wondering, is The Fisherman getting the same update? By the way it sounds we are not. If that is the case...WHY? Is Big Ben that cheap they don't want to do it?
  4. You can pre-order the game for $39.99 for PS4/XBOX. Get it while you can!
  5. If you're on PS4 I have a fishing group on there. Maybe we could help each other out. It's Nebraska Fishing Planet is the group name
  6. I know right where you're talking about. Heading there now!...lol I'm on PS4 huskerfan4nu2. I'd like to add you anyway if it's ok
  7. I've watch every video on San Joaquin Delta, and still can catch a 33lber Chinook. Does anyone have any ideas. I don't have a license and pay 3 days at a time. Getting expensive...lol. I've tried all the places the video's show. Any help would be appreciated! Also I can only use spoon lures. Thanks
  8. Ok everyone. Thanks for all your help! I finally got it today. I set up 3 rods on my stand and waited. And it finally got. I wish I knew how to share pics on here from PlayStation, but I do not. So here is a pic I took with my cell. If anyone knows how to get the PlayStation pic let me know or go to my Nebraska Fishing Planet Group on PS4. I'll have it up there. I guess my phone pic is to big but it's a 36lber! Thanks again to all for your help!
  9. Thank you SO much! I'll try again. The mission made me so mad and cost me so much money I moved on to the next mission. I'll come back to it now. Thanks again!
  10. Not sure if I can post this or not. I started A Fishing Planet Nebraska club on the PS4. Come join, have fun and as always tell fish stories...lol
  11. I'll try that too! Thanks for the help!
  12. Thanks again for your help. Day 8 and still nothing. I've caught a trophy 28 pounder but that's the biggest. Also, do you happen to know what the big circle in the water is? I see them but have no idea. Thanks Again for all your help!
  13. Thank you so much! I've been using shrimp, that's what everyone suggested. I'll try what you sent next. Thanks again!
  14. Ok....I'm about to give up. I've been 4 days in the Everglades and still haven't caught a 33.1 trophy Drum. I've watched video after video and still no luck. I have to use live bait. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thank you
  15. Being kind if new at this, I want to thank you for the spread sheet. I really appreciate it!
  16. Thanks so much! I didn't read anything about going to the Everglades to catch the big one. Thanks again!
  17. Ok here's a good one. I'm on Mudwater River it says: Catch the Drum 33.1 lbs. Does that mean I have to catch that much in weight? If anyone could help please. Thanks
  18. I finally figured that out..lol. The second morning I caught my first unique fish and it was a Muskie. It was 50 lbs. That took care of both the requirements I had left. Thanks for the advise.
  19. I was in St. Croix for 2 days trying to catch Muskie. In the second morning I caught my first unique Muskie. My first unique fish EVER!..LOL
  20. At St. Croix trying to call catch Muskie. I found the spot. Hard to catch. Do twitch or stop & go? I can't figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.
  21. I just say your group. I'm in the US can I still join?
  22. I've had both systems for a while now. Didn't know Xbox had Fishing Planet till the other day. The one thing I found out is Xbox doesn't give out free things like PS4 does and I can't figure out why not? It an Xbox thing or a Fishing Planet thing?
  23. I forgot to look there..lol. Boy don't I feel dumb..lol
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