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  1. Hello to all the team of developers and in advance, a big thank you for the great work provided! After having the chance to test your game in early access on PC, I have now returned to fishing planet PS4 and I must admit that progress is obvious! I would like to make this post to you to share a suggestion. I think it would be wise, if not very interesting, to work on a system allowing Fishing Planet to have a little more 'Social' side Let me explain, I do not hide that I have already paid about 40 euros dlc, which allowed me to have a significant advantage to start the adventure (200kg fishpond, money, mount, etc.) and after that my brother wanted to join me. So I told myself that I could give him a donation of old equipment no longer serving me, but who could have helped him (old fishpond etc ..) .But unfortunately there are very few social interactions in Fishing planet . For example, we would have liked to have the opportunity to participate in competitions / tournament team. To have together, to help each other, to reach x KG of trout for example. A clan system / team would have been nice too, with a feature like a gallery, a team chat and for example a team ranking. To be able, together, to join a party and to allow my friend to use my fishing rod present on the tripod during a departure of fish for example. Because yes, I fish with 3 or 4 rods, like everyone, and when you have 3 or 4 rods that leave at the same time, you would like to have your colleague who gives you a hand, if at home, it does not do not bite. Having tied pools when playing as a team could be nice and practical too. For example, in my case, I have a pool of 200kg allowing me to make my trips easy. My brother, he has only 15kg of space and can not play with me in the same places, otherwise he loses too much money. Given your team, I think it's some ideas are largely feasible by your developers, it would have a social side more present, it would feel less 'alone in the world' and I think it will be beneficial for everyone ;) This is only my personal opinion, I would like to clarify also that I translate translate to post in English via our super friend 'google translation' and I hope you will understand that if my sentences are poorly worded or spelled, I I'm sorry! = D jordan le belge :D
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